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Weekends in Rwanda

My friend called me the other day and was very sympathetic, thinking how bored I must be at night and during the weekends. If you recall, I’ve been in Rwanda for about 3 weeks, and I didn’t know anyone when … Continue reading

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All About Mountain Gorillas

If you ever have the opportunity to look into the eyes of a gorilla, you will instinctively know that that these unique creatures deserve our efforts to save them – Howard G. Buffet, Threatened Kingdom: The Story of the mountain … Continue reading

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Picture Story: A Look Into My Life

In case you are wondering, what am I doing in Rwanda? Do I have rich parents who decided to give me touring money to visit East Africa? Did I save enough to just come lounge in Rwanda? Am I working … Continue reading

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Rwanda: The Positives

My last post on Rwanda had an error of omission, I only wrote about the things that bother me about this country but not what I love and I was reminded by a couple of readers. So here goes what’s … Continue reading

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Which Tree Did You Fall From?

Sounds like an email forward, right? Well, it is. Kinda cool though, I mean it was right about 80% of my character. I was born on April 23rd, if you must know. Jan 01 to Jan 11 – Fir Tree … Continue reading

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Rwanda: Comparison with Kenya

It’s been a week since I got here. It’s only natural I compare Rwanda and Kenya in almost every conversation I have. In Kenya this would never happen, in Kenya this is how we do it, in Kenya we do … Continue reading

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Work, Love and Life: Rwanda so far

I did not come to Rwanda to look for love (love looks for me, I do not look for it), neither did I come to start a pimping business or to look for wives for my Kenyan friends. I came … Continue reading

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Finally in Rwanda: Kampala to Kigali

The journey from Kampala to Kigali was uneventful, if by uneventful you mean we stopped several times on the way, picking up loud women and dropping them again somewhere ahead. The bus was delayed by almost two hours (this is … Continue reading

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Journey to Rwanda: In Kampala

This post is continued from this one I have enjoyed my time here, had enough adventures and misadventures, but you know there are a few things I may not write about even though they happened. So anyway, since my accommodation … Continue reading

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Journey to Rwanda: Nairobi to Kampala

I packed my bags (well, one suitcase and a backpack), said bye to family and friends, and left to start a new life. I was stopping over in Kampala for a few days to visit some friends, and then take … Continue reading

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