Journey to Rwanda: Nairobi to Kampala

I packed my bags (well, one suitcase and a backpack), said bye to family and friends, and left to start a new life.

I was stopping over in Kampala for a few days to visit some friends, and then take another bus from Kampala to Kigali.

The journey between Nairobi and Kampala takes 12 hours by bus and costs about 2K Kenyan shillings. The bus was late, and we left Nairobi at around 8pm, passed by Naivasha and stopped for a break at Nakuru. From Nakuru to Kericho, where we picked a number of passengers. There was some drama then because this was not their bus, they were booked on another bus but they refused to get off the bus. A huge argument broke out, but since the driver and his entourage could not physically carry out 20 screaming passengers, they stayed. But the whole business delayed us for a whole hour. From Kericho, we did not stop at Kisumu but sped on through the night to the border at Busia.

At every stop, I was calling my friends giving them progress reports…”yeah, we’re now in Nakuru… I don’t know how it looks like, it’s at night..” We made it to the border at 4.30am and spent an hour being cleared.

I did not sleep much, in any case it was uncomfortable. My seat could not recline, and whenever I dozed off, I woke up with a pain in the neck and gave up sleep altogether. It was a very cold morning, and all of Uganda countryside was shrouded in mist. We passed by River Nile at Jinja, it was breathtaking in the mist.

Crossing the River Nile

Crossing the River Nile

I turned to my right to see the other side of the river, and saw someone brushing their teeth in the bus. To my utter horror, she proceeded to swallow.

To be continued.

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4 Responses to Journey to Rwanda: Nairobi to Kampala

  1. cesky cess says:

    That last part is disgusting!

    I had to look away and try to erase the image from my head.


  2. Jammy says:

    What did you expect the poor woman to do? May be she preferred to swallow than spit on the person next to her while trying to reach the window. I’ve had of couples that deep kiss early in the morning before blushing, how different is that! There is this Ugandan (Kinyankore) saying that “agonyire tiganuka’, loosely translated: “Your own sh*t does not smell”. Some people ‘gas’ in public and don’t run away from the scene. Would you also look that other way and inform everyone around what you’ve just done!. It’s normal, it’s human.

    Goodness, you think it’s normal and human to swallow your own germs! Yuck! She could have waited till we got to Kampala to brush her teeth!

    As for kissing deeply in the morning… that’s normal and human, I guess.


  3. prty says:

    cool story bru i would like to see how my poo fits in the bus lol

    He missed the point by a number of miles!


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