Picture Story: A Look Into My Life

In case you are wondering, what am I doing in Rwanda? Do I have rich parents who decided to give me touring money to visit East Africa? Did I save enough to just come lounge in Rwanda? Am I working here, and if so, how did I get the job?

Well, am working here in Rwanda, with an organisation called Art of Conservation.. How I knew about the job? Believe it or not, through twitter. I know a tweep who knows the directors and when I told him I want to work in Rwanda, he provided me with a link to the organization. I checked it out and decided to apply for the job. How I got the job? Well, through my own merit. See, knowing about a job and getting it are two different things.

Anyway, I’ve been here almost two weeks and I like working here. I’m an administrative intern, which means I do most of the paperwork and blogging sometimes. This organization teaches kids about conservation and health through art.

A typical day for me begins around 6:30 am when I wake and take breakfast at the guest house where I stay. Here’s some photos of the room that is my residence:


My bed with the bedside lamp

My bed with the bedside lamp

Of course you may want to see my bathroom too; am just guessing so here you go:


bathroomThis is where I keep my toiletries and such:


 toiletries shelf

toiletries shelf

Okay, now to the table where I sometimes pretend to sit and learn French.

My not-so-tidy table where I sit and pretend to learn French

My not-so-tidy table where I sit and pretend to learn French

I spend my nights watching series and reading novels. Here’s my library so far:


My micro-mini library

My micro-mini library

And lastly, a view of the outside from my room:

A view of the outside from my door

A view of the outside from my door

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7 Responses to Picture Story: A Look Into My Life

  1. cesky cess says:

    I thought you had a rich parent who gave u touring money… 😉

    I wish! I’m running broke in a foreign country!


  2. That bed lamp can easily poke you!

    you are imagining too much!


  3. Mkenya Dauti says:

    I guess i like the simplicity but the table can be better. Chunga you dont roll and you are poked by the lamp.

    I did make the table tidier, but I think an untidy table is a sign of a busy mind!


  4. nuttyphilosopher says:

    So that’s how you got the job……… Must be exciting to embark on a new journey, with a new job and in a new country. Am sure you must love it. You seem to be settling in very well. Wishing you the best!

    thanks. I didn’t want to join the rat race in Kenya and thought I could do better in Rwanda, working while traveling or traveling while working!


  5. Our Kid says:

    I love Rwanda! If you doubt it, ask Gisele and Nadia.

    Now googling Gisele and Nadia. Why didn’t you call me when you were here? It’s hard to not-like this country.


  6. Patrick says:

    twitter is great for connecting people. This post is evidence of that truth.
    Rwanda seems to be awesome so far, wish you all the best.

    thanks. twitter is the best, hope it remains so


  7. Musémbi wä kásinà says:

    jienjoy. .wacha sisi tung’ang’ane na jkuat

    don’t worry, your time is coming. I loved being in jkuat but it was time for me to go.


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