Weekends in Rwanda

My friend called me the other day and was very sympathetic, thinking how bored I must be at night and during the weekends. If you recall, I’ve been in Rwanda for about 3 weeks, and I didn’t know anyone when I was coming here. She thought by now I’d have finished all my movies and series (I have about 500GB worth of stuff to watch) plus I brought a number of novels. Wrong. I’ve only managed to finish one book so far, 2 or 3 movies and maybe one or two series.

I leave work around 5p.m. but remain at the office to surf and read blogs, you know the drill, tweeting all the while. Then I head home and read about 2 pages of my book, have supper and by 9p.m. am feeling sleepy already. If am lucky, I have the energy to read another page of the book I’m currently reading or perhaps watch one episode of 90210. That’s some American high school drama series.

Weekends: mornings I may sleep in or go to the tennis court, where I miss more balls than I hit. I stay there for one hour, playing for half and resting the other half of the hour. Then afternoons I may go visit a co-worker at their home (you know, tea, sugar, bread kind of visits that usually occur at around lunchtime. The timing is not a coincidence.)

This past weekend, I was invited to go visit an island on a lake near here. A friend of a friend of a friend bought the island on Lake Burera and we were going to see it. We carried a little food for a cookout/picnic.


Lake Burera

Lake Burera. Image from tomallen3.blogspot.com

The occupants of the tiny island were bought off (a little sad) so when we scrambled round the island, we found abandoned houses where they used to live. Their crops are still intact so they do come round to harvest them. There are also some birds on the island. The East Africa crested crowns.


Photo by Mahdi Kazzazi. 


The owner of the island has not officially started living there but there was one house where he had built discernible path. There, we left our bags and took a walk around the island, getting lost in some maize plots and emerging unscathed except for some blackjacks. You know, those plants with black ‘seeds’ that cling to your clothes?

The view was magnificent…and if you got the house at the highest point on the island, the view was panoramic. The sun shone on the water and you can only imagine the spectacular sunrises and sunsets that will be witnessed there. Hope I get another invite when he finally builds a gazebo and has a fridge full of cold drinks.

We were starting to feel hungry, since some of us helped to row the boat….it was of the most basic kind, which took us about 20min to get to the island. Someone went and brought maize from the farm and guess what? Some of the guys ate it raw! I shook my head and took the rest to be roasted…..then we had roasted maize and beer as we waited for the meat to cook.

Then we had ourselves some boiled matoke, bread and meat and beer for lunch.

I took a short swim, so cool and refreshing but it began getting cold and as we were leaving in the afternoon, the rain caught up with us just as we stepped out of the boat onto the mainland.

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10 Responses to Weekends in Rwanda

  1. nuttyphilosopher says:

    You know, I was actually wondering what is there to do in Rwanda. Do they partay like Kenyans? So you visit your co-workers “conveniently” at tea time? hehehe. Here in the US you’d be so lucky to be offered a glass of water. We’re not that comfortable inviting and visiting co-workers.

    It’s a small NGO and everyone gets along at work… so I have a number of lunch invites during the weekend. Convenient? Hell yeah! They don’t party as much as Kenyans but they do.

    By the way I love 90210!!!!! It’s my guiltiest pleasure and comes on Monday nights. It was off for a month and I thought that my TV life had ended. Am sure you’ll discover more fun things to do during the weekends. Seems adventurous.

    Well, there is National Parks and lakes am yet to visit. As for 90210, I ran out of episodes to watch. It was quite addictive.


  2. Wambui says:

    Nice living.

    Hahaha some good humour too 😉

    thanks! I’ll try to keep it up.


  3. Sibo says:

    Enjoying the nature….

    Love it too!


  4. JacqueNdinda says:

    Rwanda is beautiful… Did you just say ‘the owner of the island?”
    The Island belongs to one person? Holyshlamula!! Given a choice between a weekend of beer and dancing, Id choose this kind of a weekend over and over…

    By the way, you should hook up with @fifilyn ..she is a news anchor with RTV… She is also from Kenya but got a jobo there…

    Your blog is very informative just so you know…


    • SK-Admin says:

      Yeah, owner of the island. But it’s a tiny one… no water, electricity etc but he’s gonna put all that. I want to get married there! In six or so years.

      Will holla at fifilyn, nice to know Kenyans around here.

      Thanks about my informative blog. I do my best.


  5. cesky cess says:

    His own island? Is he young? Is he taken? Kidding…. No I’m not.

    yes. no. no. In that order.


  6. Our Kid says:

    Having the time of your life, I see. Kigali isn’t that much fun.

    true, this place is more fun… the nature kind of fun- mountains, lakes, etc


  7. Wyndago says:

    People buy islands in Africa now? But shoot, that was one weekend well spent. I kinda love nature.

    well, people buy anything in Africa ever since..


  8. Alecoo says:

    Crowned/Crested Crane… always move in pairs. Also Uganda’s National bird so it’s illegal to own/kill one in Ug. They tend to move in pairs, male and female.

    Thanks for the info. I came to know they are called that: The East Africa Crowned/Nested Crane.


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