Back in Nairobi

It is way past midnight-as I write this- and I don’t want to go to sleep, not just yet. I don’t want to lie awake for hours thinking, asking questions without answers. It’s the quest for the meaning of life; those are the questions I keep asking myself. It was easier when I was working because I had to sleep early, wake up early and there was many work-related things to occupy my mind. Now I’m kind of between jobs, you would say, so my day’s agenda consists of a little housework and which movie to watch afterwards. Sometimes I go to the cyber café and send out my CV plus application letter to places I dream of working in. Then the waiting begins. I want to do my Master’s Degree next year so I’ve also been doing lots of googling in that area.

I’m in a transitional period right now. I finished university a little less than three months ago (17 Dec 2010 to be precise) and I didn’t have a chance to cool down and think about what I really want to do in life. I got an internship opportunity in Rwanda and took the first bus out come January. I had the time of my life (cue for Greenday’s Time of Your Life) and would love to go back.

I want to travel, see the world. I don’t want a two-day, grab some souvenirs, sleeping at tourist hotels, stopover kind of travel, I want the 6 month or year long stay at a place where you get to know the real life there.

Anyway, there wasn’t much change in Nairobi in the two moths I was gone. There are now street numbers on buildings, which I started noticing sometime last year, but it will be a while before you tell someone to deliver something to 23, Moi Avenue. You’ll most likely still use the house name and colour amongst many other features. Few people even remember street names!

35, Tom Mboya Street

A street sign on Tom Mboya Street showing the address

Matatus are now required to have dustbins. The first time I saw a matatu with a dustbin, I was so impressed till I was later told it’s a requirement by the government. I suspect some people still continue to throw trash out of the window! My mum told me of this huge bus with a dustbin the size of a tea cup! I would think the dustbin would be proportional to the size of the vehicle!

In other news, it’s my friend’s birthday today. Happy birthday mon ami! On the exact same date next month, it will be my birthday too.

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7 Responses to Back in Nairobi

  1. Gordie says:

    You’ve just described my life for the last three months

    at least I’m not alone.


  2. erykko says:

    it’s good that you are back, can you blog some more please?

    Thanks, I shall oblige your request.


  3. kentheone says:

    welcome to Nairoberry

    glad to be back, thanks!


  4. cesky cess says:

    Welcome back. It looks like it’s been long since I was in Nai. Dustbins? cool. We dont have them here.

    So it’s just a Nairobi thing, I see! Was told you feel like a chokora when you’re sitting next to it.


  5. normzo says:

    Hmmm, i share a Birthday with your girl. Send her my regards. Happy belated birthday.


    Will do…


  6. jacquendinda says:

    Welcome back…a little belated but karibu…wish you all the best in what you desire to do in life 🙂

    thanks, better late than never. Hope I do fulfill my desires.


  7. Michelle says:

    Have you tried looking into the African Union Youth Volunteer Corps (AUYVC)? It works a little bit like the American Peace Corps. You get trained after applying, and then they send you to another African country (not your own) for 6 months to a year working for a UN agency. It pays modestly, more like an internship, but my friend applied and apart from the long wait (bureacracy!) I think it’s a great program! You should look into it 🙂

    Thanks, will look into it for sure…


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