Here and There: A Random Thursday

On Thursday morning, I went to a job interview. I woke up very early, probably the earliest I’ve woken up in a month so I could beat the traffic and arrive at Westlands in time. I think the interview went well, I don’t want to write about it in case I jinx it!

I’ve decided my two financial goals this year are to raise money for a motorbike and college applications. I’m looking for a university to do my graduate studies next year, and so far all applications must be accompanied by an application fee of not less than 100 dollars/euros/pounds. So if you intend to apply to 10 universities… do the math! Don’t even get me started on the tuition fees! As for the motorbike, I want something that costs 60-80K. Something gisty, and awesome.

A job will definitely come in handy!

Back in town, I ran into a former primary school classmate! It’s been about 10 years since I last saw her but she hasn’t changed a bit. She didn’t recognize me so that should tell you I did the changing for both of us! I remember she was one of the cool girls back then, I think I became one of her entourage! There was also another girl who was part of the sidekick group. One day, the popular girl went home sick and I was mean to the other sidekick. I still feel a bit guilty to this day, I hope she forgot about it!

We exchanged numbers and went on with our lives. We’ll probably never call each other unless there is need to. Life happens.

My Lunch

I had lunch with a friend at The Savanna Lounge on Loita Street. I thought about becoming an restaurant reviewer, but I’ll start next time. Just know sandwiches, served with fries, are recommended. Don’t try the mocktails, don’t let the menu scare you (it’s a dirty laminated thing), and the service is average. Food is good. The Mango juice is awesome. The coffee too.

The Savannah Lounge Menu. It probably doesn't look too bad in this photo but it's rough around the edges

As I walked towards my stage, I saw this sign at the JKUAT (my alma mater) town campus:

Loanding zone? Seriously! Loanding zone! Still can't get over that. Loanding zone!

Bro’s Lunch

I went back home around 4pm, met my brother who was coming back from KCA where he does his accounting studies. He tells me that for lunch, he went to Area 4. That’s at Mathare North behind KCA. He doesn’t think he’ll go back there but the food is at its cheapest! One big 30cm in diameter chapatti, costing 15bob. The second one is discounted at 10bob. You have this with some kind stew. Avoid the Mix. The Mix is a mixture of all kinds of soups and vegetables.

Mum is Back Home

We live not too far from the main road, and not too far from Githurai either. We live at Kahawa Wendani (or Barracks since there’s an army base here.) This building (see below) always fascinates me. This is not where we live though, I don’t know who would want to live there!

Weird building in Kahawa Wendani. I would love to know its architect.

Anyway, whenever mum wants to go grocery shopping, she goes to Githurai. If you can avoid the stench of rotting vegetables, mass of humanity and vehicles, dust/mad depending on the season, then you are going to buy the freshest and cheapest groceries in Nairobi. Traders from other estates come to Githurai for their supplies.

Whenever she comes back with a big paper bag of groceries and/or sweet potatoes, bananas, maize etc she calls whoever is at home to go to the stage and help her carry the luggage. This time, my bro and I reluctantly walked to the stage and there she was, with a whole bunch of green bananas.

She had a bunch exactly like this

After hurriedly crossing the dangerous and very wide Thika road, we decided to give someone the porting job. My bro gestured this street kid who sniffing glue and watching us. We gave him 20bob for just a short distance, less than 100m. On reaching the stairs of our apartment block, he dropped the bunch and walked off! I knew we shouldn’t have trusted him.

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23 Responses to Here and There: A Random Thursday

  1. metobo says:

    haha!! i like the building!! it doesnt look real at all…… thanks for me dosage.

    I assure you it’s very real!


  2. cesky cess says:

    I dint see that coming…. hehehe… ‘On reaching the stairs of our apartment block, he dropped the bunch and walked off!’

    Everything was going so smoothly. lol!

    It would’ve been a good ending, we had to carry the bunch upstairs ourselves.


  3. Igna says:

    Hahaha that house must be owned by a very mean landlord.

    What about the owner of the land, he probably grabbed the road and sold it to the building owner!


  4. Wish gal says:

    Walala, woi, is tht a true bldgng? I like the bananas though, any left overs?

    It happened yesterday, so of course the bananas are still there. Give me a call anytime you want to come over for some matoke.


  5. Pato says:

    I’ve seen that building before and trust me, we are lucky Kenya is not prone to Earthquakes like Japan. From my professional opinion that building is poorly designed.

    Maybe it’s not poorly designed but creatively designed to make use of the space! It’s certainly different!


  6. Our Kid says:

    LOANDING? Why is it that all sign writers always happen to mess up very short text of less than 140 characters. It is not like they are overloanded with work!

    As for the building, all I can say is ‘Let us pray’.

    I would say painting signs is not an easy job and sometimes they are overloanded with work.


  7. Sibo says:

    What an interesting day!
    For that building, I bow…..
    What did you expect from a glue-sniffing street kid?

    Certainly one of my more eventful days!


  8. hahahaha….your post just made my very uneventful Saturday. Ati “Loanding Zone”. Spell check anyone, someone….????? Too funny. And that building – no comment.

    glad I made your Saturday 🙂


  9. Domnic says:

    ‘LOANDING ZONE’ and ‘OVERLOANDED WITH WORK’ takes the day. hehehehehe.

    the comments compliment the blog!


  10. Yugorstenkovitch says:

    I’ve seen the building near Nakumatt Wendani, and it’s actually a good use of space, considering it’s built at a V-junction. Likely the architect was inspired by New York’s Flat Iron building amongst others (Wikipedia link to others ). Unlilke how Pato says, it should be safe if the right materials were used (NY’s FlatIron was completed in 1902 and is still standing strong na zingine ni as old as 1897 in ATL)

    looked at that building, let’s hope this Wendani building has a solid design!


  11. Pato says:

    Thats true Yugorstenkovitch. One proposal would have been to have complete Reinforced concrete walls at the smaller ends. Architecturally it looks unique but structurally it looks inadequate. The Flatiron Building incorporates a steel skeleton unlike our building in Wendani. Other interesting facts – Peter Parker in Spider-Man works as a freelance photographer for the Daily Bugle, which in the movie is located in the Flatiron Building.

    Read more at Suite101: The Flatiron Building in New York City

    You guys are definitely educating me about buildings! Interesting links. Maybe our particular architect got inspiration from that New York building


  12. pitzevans says:

    Everytime i go to kahawa wendani im hit by the peculiarity of that building, n wonder how people live at the sharp end. i wouldnt cross that high way with a bunch of bananas, once saw a lady killed on it at kahawa sukari where i used to live.

    the highway is dangerous but they will build foot bridges, hopefully!


  13. OtienoHongo says:

    You really have to be very brave to live in that building! To think that someone at City Planning actually approved it!

    We Kenyans are nothing if not brave!


  14. marlmarly says:

    sounds like you had an interesting day. lol! the money wasnt enough for him to carry the banana up the stairs…

    but instead of asking for more, he just took off!


  15. Kbaab says:

    That building is a no no no. It’s neither aesthetically appealing nor structurally sound. I bet no architect did it just a quack. I can even bet that the drawings didn’t even get to the city council, it flaunts all the by laws.

    All the best in your interviews my dear. 🙂

    Thanks, I feel good times ahead


  16. jacquendinda says:

    haha that building!!! I remember it…when I was in Campus I used to live just a few metres before that Building…it looks funny… We used to keep on guessing the shape and we all couldnt find a name for it…

    I think it’s a trioid, you know like a cuboid?


  17. shique winny says:

    hahaha the shape of that building..wahh cant stop figuring out how it looks from inside…i mean seriously..why would anyone erect such a building?ohh and the JKUAT parking thingy..LOANDING???? *kizungu ni ngumu kweli* #Thatsall


  18. Shiko-Msa says:

    That building is a slice!


  19. Leonard Mukasa says:

    1. From the info about meeting your former schoolmate, you must be 25 years old (+/- 1)

    2. US $ 100 = appx. Ksh. 8,500 (more if Euros or Pounds). UoN application fee= Ksh. 3000, K.U= Ksh. 2,000 and the rest are cheaper. Which universities have you been applying to? Btw, K.U is just 600m away from your home.

    3. Why apply to 10+ universities if you passed your undergraduates with a 2nd upper? One application is enough and you’re in… unless you failed.

    4. The only motorbike you will get at ksh. 60-80k is a brand new Chinese 125cc. With 80k + you might get a 150cc (Chinese)

    5. That building has corridors inside?


    • savvykenya says:

      Eish Leo, what’s with the psychoanalysis? Now I feel the need to defend myself.

      1. I turned 24 a month ago, so you’re accurate

      2. I was applying to Ivy League universities in States and some good universities in the UK, application fee is not less than $100. Two, I know about KU and I did not want to do masters there. I ended up in Strathmore. And oh, I no longer live in Kahawa Wendani

      3. I needed a scholarship, I did pass, with first class honours to be exact. Some scholarship would award you only if you’re already admitted in a university somewhere.

      4. I learned about the cost of motorbikes and a Bajaj that I’m eyeing goes for between Kshs. 120-150K

      5. I have never been inside that building but can sure you it is real and people live there.


  20. DeBlitz says:

    That building am taking a trip from Kasa to have a look at the NY Fe’ inspired….but i’lll use the footbridges.


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