I Love Kenyans

This ramble was inspired recently as I waited for the matatu to fill up one afternoon.

I love the guy that passes by, wearily dragging his cart but with a look of determination;

I love the teenagers leaving against the wall, two boys full of swagger probably waiting for their friend;

I love the woman who passes by, she looks like she could do with some fashion tips;

I love the young lady that struts after her, heels clacking on the pavement and white underwear showing;

I love the conductor with his self confidence and sexual appeal as he tries to persuade the pretty girls to board his matatu;

I love the man in official clothes who looks like he’s headed for a lunch meeting;

I love the Indian Kenyan guy who settles in beside me, his sleeves folded to reveal hairy arms and his eyes glued to his phone;

I love the couple in front of me, they’re whispering into each other’s ears and look like they need a room;

I love the girl that has just come into the matatu, weave on her head swinging from side to side;

I love the driver with his toothpick, he has just switched on the engine.

I love Kenyans, that’s all I meant to say.

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8 Responses to I Love Kenyans

  1. Joliea says:

    LMAO!! This is so nice!

    Thank you!


  2. A belated happy birthday in arrears! Hope the day was enjoyed by all yourself included!
    PS:”I love the couple in front of me, they’re whispering into each other’s ears and look like they need a room;”
    How times change! I remember when couples holding hands in public was a big deal. Yours is truly the youthful generation

    Thanks, I did enjoy myself! And yeah, things have changed!


  3. cesky cess says:

    Been a way for a while. Howz u Savvy?

    I’m good Cess. I don’t think I can make it to Nakuru any time soon, starting school again… I can plan a weekend though?


  4. kentheone says:

    Wewe Savvy you are very naughty am sure you are trying ti hold back.

    trying to hold back what? My love for Kenyans?


  5. woolie says:

    Reading that, I think it is fair to say Kenyans love you too

    it’s a mutual feeling 🙂


  6. Fgnjenga says:

    Hi, didn’t know about you until I read your story in the Daily Nation today. Keep it up, you surely are doing a good work



  7. Hayden says:

    Well there sure are a lot to be loved in all parts of the
    world. It just boils down on how each and every one of us would look at it.

    Hayden Reuter


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