Here and There: A Random Tuesday

So this past Saturday (the 23rd) was my 23rd birthday. Girls should not say their age, or weight. I’m willing to divulge my age though. Lemme share a few photos from that day, I had invited a few friends for a swimming day out.

Some friends and I swimming, in the deep end just so you know!

The cake, courtsey of many friends, Monch, Tristar4, TheKayrich and WallyB among them. Notice the name, it's like no one even uses my real name anymore!

Now this post is titled Tuesday and that’s what I’ll talk about. I kept checking my email every few minutes. I had attended an interview more than a week ago and I’d made a number of applications here and there and was hoping for some good news.

I know some people may be wondering about the number of interviews (two work interviews so far) I seem to have attended, but sometimes though you’re brilliant and talented, you can’t work anywhere. There is a right place, right time for you. Anyway, Tuesday morning I had yet another interview, this one work-related too.I’m expecting positive results as always.

I was back in town around noon and had to follow up on a registration hitch with KASNEB for my brother, who was reporting for his first day of campus. I wonder if I’ve inspired him to start blogging? He has five years of campus ahead of him.

As I passed by Agha Khan Walk in Nairobi, I couldn’t help but notice the number of (idle) people sitting on the raised ledge keenly watching anyone passing by. I managed to take a photo somehow, without anyone realizing it:

Notice the people seated, waiting for any object of interest to pass by. Usually, anyone walking past is an object of interest!

If you’ve had a busy up and down day in Nairobi during this hot weather season, you’ll know Githurai is not the place for a stopover on the way home. I tend to make fun of Githurai much, must be something to do with us being neighbours! Anyway, as I said earlier we buy some vegetables from this riot of a place and I told the driver of the matatu that I would be making a stopover.

“Uko sure ni Githu?” He asked, disbelieving.

I was seated in front with the driver and one other passenger so I was dealing with him directly, unlike when you sit at the back of the matatu and you have to poke (literally) the conductor so he can tap the matatu three times (more or less) then the driver knows to stop at the next stage.

I told the driver that yes, I was sure. I asked him why he didn’t believe I wanted to stop at Githurai.

“We hukai mtu wa Githurai…” – You don’t look like a Githurai person.

I was flattered. It meant I throw these middle-to-upper class vibes, which is a good thing when you have hopes of becoming East Africa’s president in 2032. People will not vote for a poor person! Okay, maybe they will but who doesn’t want people to think they’re rich even when you have no cent to your name?

I told him I was merely stopping over to buy some stuff and he nodded in understanding, saying Githurai people look more like him! Never mind Githurai and Kahawa Estates join somewhere, providing a smooth transition between the hoods.

There was a traffic cop at the stage and the driver had to stop some distance ahead. I can bet the matatu was violating all kinds of rules, from loud music to no speed governer.

I got home to no electricity and a phone with low battery. If you’re as addicted to my phone as I am, you become religious and pray earnestly for the electricity to come back. As I waited for my prayers to be answered, I got a new email in my inbox. It was from Strathmore University.

I had applied for a scholarship being offered by Safaricom, for a new Master of Science program in Telecommunications Innovation and Development that will be conducted at Strathmore Univeristy. I’ll blog more about it later. It was an acceptance email! I start my MSc next week.

The first good news in some time.

The downside is I had to postpone (hopefully) an internship opportunity with ILRI in Ethiopia. I was so looking forward to working in an international research organisation, going to the country directly north of us and having some shisha during my free time (why lie!). Ethiopia will have to wait till another time.

Looks like I’m going to be a student again!

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15 Responses to Here and There: A Random Tuesday

  1. Phases says:

    Congratulations savvy. So happy for you? You gona do your masters free of charge. Happy reading

    Thanks… happy with the scholarship too!


  2. Mugereks says:

    Some good news over there, MSC free? Ur wits deserve it. Go for it.

    Free MSc… couldn’t turn down the opportunity! Thanks.


  3. Lex says:

    Savvy goes back to her student life, that’s awesome!
    Anyway your neighbors e.g. me are already used to the prejudice so no worries 🙂

    Not worried really.. that guy started it with that song: Na wasee tumetoka Githurai…


  4. fistofmm says:

    Nice looking cake

    It was chocolate, moist and yum … sadly, it’s no more


  5. Muraya Kamau says:

    Being an avid reader of your blog it’ll be nice to see you in that class.

    Thanks for reading my blog.. it was nice meeting you in class.


  6. Alai says:

    You are such a hardworrking lady. Go girl

    Thanks Robert, coming from you I’m flattered!


  7. Kidobe says:

    you must be a prayerful gal… dnt forget to thank God for all the goodies that are coming your way.

    I’m grateful always…


  8. Gitts says:

    Congrats on the scholarship.
    Wish you had gone to Ethiopia since you didn’t get me a girl from Rwanda … Ethiopia is even better!

    heard everyone in Ethiopia is pretty… I could still go another time!


  9. Sibo says:

    All the best…..
    You deserve all that and more my darling!



  10. cesky cess says:

    Congrats my gal. So happy for u.



  11. Shiko-Msa says:

    Congratulations Savvy!

    thanks, lemme go and rock this class!


  12. keen says:

    just a correction, thekayrich and tristar4 also made the cake happen. But we are ol glad to av shared ua bday with u

    I should thank them so very much. Had a lovely time, I love you guys!


  13. carolest says:

    U have no idea the guilt i got from missing u bday …..i regained my sobriety on monday that weekend i couldnt even raise my head!!!

    We should have a weekend like that with you to make up for missing the bday! Don’t worry about it…. I forgive you 🙂


  14. Frank says:

    You know I’d be glad if I had learned how to swim. It had
    been my greatest fear ever since I was a kid and up to now I haven’t worked on
    that yet.

    Frank Saunders


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