Found this poem in my cousin’s computer and thought I’d share it. Author unknown, unless he/she comes forward to claim it.

I have been told the author is a 15 year old whose name I didn’t get. It was first published in Buzz. Talent right there.

I am that breath
That just won’t go through your nostrils
I am that last sight before blindness creeps in
I am that lover who introduced you to hate

I am that piece of vegetable
That sticks in your teeth
I am that breeze
That turns into a chill
I am that extra air through your windpipe that gets you to choke
I am that extra fat that clogs your artery

I am that extra line
That destroys a compliment
I am that dream
That you let turn into a regret
I am that “one last beer”
That causes you to crash
I am that “one last dip”
That brings you AIDS

I am that poop
That stinks up the whole house
I am that drop of rain
When you are walking out of the salon
I am that gush of wind
That sends your sunny dress flying
I am that step you miss before going down

I am that fly
That won’t zip up in public
I am that technical hitch
During a live braodcast
I am the writers block
When you are filing a story
I am the loose button
That pops when you sneeze

Yes,I am the dream away from becoming your nightmare

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3 Responses to Nightmare

  1. Sibo says:

    I am that and more……
    Me likey!

    It’s a good poem!


  2. cesky cess says:

    Beautiful piece

    I’m told it was written by a 15 year old.


  3. Dennis Orenge says:

    impressive and heart touching


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