Here and There: A Picture Story

Hint: click on the photos to open a bigger and clearer version. All these were taken through my trusted and much loved Ideos phone.

I get around in Nairobi much, mostly running errands on behalf of parents, brothers, cousins etc. One time, I was near the Kenyatta National Hospital and there was this fleet of vehicles running funeral services. I couldn’t believe when I saw one written “LOL Funeral Services”. Was that some kind of sick joke? So I moved in closer for a paparazzi shot because the driver was chatting with someone and I didn’t want to be seen taking pictures of them.

However, on closer scrutiny, it can be seen that the O is in fact a B. Someone should tell these people that there are other font options available!

LOL Funeral Services

LOL Funeral Services

A second image that made it to my camera this past week was of a guy with a padlocked bag. Not those stylish, small and decorative suitcase padlocks but one of those we used to lock our boxes with in high school.

Two flaws with his logic: if someone wanted to steal stuff from his bag without alerting him, they’d take a razor blade and slash the bag.. easier than breaking the padlock. Two, if they were to take his bag by force, the padlock is not going to stop them.

Moral of the story: put a padlock only on non-slashable bags!

Padlocked bag

The padlocked bag

Now if you must know, I’m an amateur photographer. I love taking photographs of anything interesting (or sometimes not).

The Cooperative Building is next to the site of the former office of the US Embassy. When the embassy was bombed in 1998 by Osama bin Laden and his people, over 200 Kenyans died and thousands more were injured (I hope these are the exact figures). The Cooperative Building is made of glass on the front and back side (the photo below is a side view) and you can imagine what happened! All that glass shattered and flying around, lodging into people’s throats etc. The horror.

The building itself however survived and was repaired. Now it’s as magnificent as ever.

Cooperative House

Cooperative House, which suffered a major shake up during the bomb blast of '98

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4 Responses to Here and There: A Picture Story

  1. cesky cess says:

    The last one is very beautiful. Can I steal it ?

    Yep. you can print it but make sure at the back you write it’s by me. Only condition. And then you pay me Kshs.1000. Okay, you don’t have to pay me. Unless you want to.


  2. Narisha says:

    lovely piece to wonder about. I guess Kenya got all types of A’s-Z’s. Left me wondering if there was more coming :|. I hope so. Nice

    Thanks, there is more coming. Will blog later or tomorrow.


  3. kentheone says:

    Nice. Savvy? IDEOS has become the new Kenyan uniform…..discuss 20(mks)

    there is nothing to discuss, let us all accept that the IDEOS is here to stay! ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. Sibo says:

    Padlocked bag? Uber cool!

    I can see how that can appeal to you… ๐Ÿ˜‰


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