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Merchants of Death

Tears stream down my face. I close my eyes and listen to The Fray. I can’t hear what they are saying but it sounds really sad. I got the text this afternoon after class. From my dad who rarely texts … Continue reading

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BAKE HH: Blogging for a Cause

The question is: would you tweet, facebook and blog to save Mount Kenya? The next BAKE Happy Hour is on Friday 8th July, from 6pm. Please sign up so we know who is coming! I think there might be a … Continue reading

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Wally B

This is the first time I’ve dedicated a whole blogpost to one person. But if ever someone deserved one, it’s my friend Walter. He’s one of the most patient people I know. I’ve known him for five years now though … Continue reading

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When G Came Calling

G is er.. a major international company. It’s everywhere you go. Just Google it 🙂 Background Last year, I saw a notice on the announcements board. The Google-Anita memorial scholarship. For those who don’t know she was a great woman … Continue reading

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Pivot 25- The Winners

Pivot 25 is an mlab initiative to bring focus on the Mobile developer and entrepreneur community in East Africa. It was a two-day mobile apps competition and developer conference held at Ole Sereni Hotel along Mombasa Road. I couldn’t make … Continue reading

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Replacing Ideot and Lunch with Safaricom CEO

If you are not aware… I lost my phone in a traffic-snatching #Nairoberry incident. Thanks for all the sympathy that came my way, as you can see I had integrated Ideot into my everyday life. It was a part of … Continue reading

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A Tribute to my Ideot

As I type this my hands are shaking. My heart rate is somewhere around 1000 beats per second. I cannot relax. I get up and pick some fruits from the fridge. I don’t feel like eating them so I wonder … Continue reading

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