A Tribute to my Ideot

As I type this my hands are shaking. My heart rate is somewhere around 1000 beats per second. I cannot relax. I get up and pick some fruits from the fridge. I don’t feel like eating them so I wonder why I did that.

My world feels like it’s spinning out of control. I am like a fish out of water, literally. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. I am not doing either as I sit here typing this. My heart is bleeding, my head wants to start aching.

The cause of all this misery is a man. A man in red. A man currently taking apart one of the things I love most. A man causing my heart to bleed. If I ever see a tire around him, I’ll buy the fuel. I am replaying it over and over again. I can see him run and weave through the vehicles stuck in traffic. The dust he raises as his shoes strike the road. The crowd he melts into too soon before anyone realizes what is happening.

My heart feels constricted. I hope I don’t get an attack.

My lovely Ideot is gone…. Gone with the wind! The fucking guy in a red jacket stole it from me in traffic at Githurai, just 3 minutes from home.

I feel like shooting somebody! I’d give anything to have it back intact with all my data & contacts. Contacts I can get from Gmail though, they were synced automatically.


The Ideot had a blue cover

I was stupid, tweeting like that. I had relaxed. The fact that I was near home made me drop my guard. We had already passed the blackspots, especially the darkest one at Ngara. The window was closed. However, the guy behind me had not closed his. The thief came from behind, I couldn’t have seen him. I had Ideot (that was her name) firmly held in both hands. I had earphones plugged in and I was listening to X FM. I was just about to hit reply to a tweet.

The hands came from nowhere. In a flash, I was struggling with the guy for the phone. He had the advantage of surprise and the Ideot is shiny smooth. It glided off my hands before I could scream thief. It felt like the wind had just been snatched from my sails, like a bird whose wings have been taken away and it’s a free fall to hell. The earphones dangled uselessly.

I turned after the man in the red jacket.. helplessly I shouted, “My phone! My phone…” but it wasn’t a cry for help. It was an involuntary cry of loss. I am overwhelmed. No, that is an understatement. I feel like dying. [I no longer feel like dying by the time you’re reading this! It’s never that serious!]

It’s not just about the monetary value of the phone. Though it is cheap, I cannot afford to buy another IDEOS right now. I am that broke… so if any of you was looking to date me for my money, now you know there are no prospects here. I am digressing.

The phone has soooo much of my data. Not just information I need but information about me.

I had pimped that phone with applications. Media applications, internet applications, Bible applications, the SDA lesson app etc. That phone reads Savvy Kenya in every screen. Last I remember was updating all my apps on Thursday evening at The Mug, just after checking in on Foursquare. They have free wi-fi.

I was going to buy airtime and call Idd Salim (whose blog I sometimes read with one tab open on a Google page) to inquire about something. I was going to call my bro and ask him what time he’s coming home. I was going to call my mum and tell her I’m almost home. I was going to read my emails and check out the timetable for the next module. I was going to login to foursquare and become mayor of Thika Road, I was one checkin away, you see. I was going to transfer data from the SD card and update my playlist. Bon Jovi was getting old, wait, he’s already old. I was finally going to look at that LWUI pdf I have been carrying around and see what I could come up with. I was going to watch movies on Z my laptop and tweet about them. I was going to read a report on the mobile tech scene. I was going to do so many things with Ideot. I was going to start writing Hello World for Android, my first app in that platform. Oh, I wasn’t going to do that on the phone. Now, no more.


Another big, sad, sigh.

I keep remembering the things I had done this morning with the Ideot. I also keep imagining the things we were going to do together. The places we were going to check out and check-in on foursquare. The music we were going to listen to. The movies we were going to watch together on the QQ player I downloaded, if her battery lasted that long. The conversations and flirtations we were going to have with online people. The girl who likes girls that we were supposed to meet. The chats that I was going to have on WhatsApp with my close friends.

I keep imagining these things and torturing myself. I remember all the files, images, music and videos and my heart bleeds yet again.

I shall be more careful from now on. I can’t promise I won’ tweet in traffic, but I will try. I will start reading novels instead of blogs, meditating and sleeping instead of tweeting. I am an addict and I admit it so I will try to suffer through the withdrawal symptoms. If the temptation is too much, I will avoid window seats. You can never be too careful.

I have the best parents in the world. My dad has just come home while I was typing this. He has listened to my story with sympathy. He has reminded me of the number of times he tells me to keep my phone away. He has told me to look around for the cheapest phone with internet and he’ll get me one. There’s an internet-less phone lying around but he knows I cannot do without internet.

I am thinking Kabambe 3G.

Just for a while, till I can buy another Ideos. But it will never replace Ideot. Wherever you are dear, I hope your new owner treats you with the respect you deserve. I hope he/she does not misuse that information about me. I hope he/she doesn’t use my passwords and accounts that I’m already logged into. I hope they format the SD-card so that they cannot use my files. As for the one who took you away from me, may he meet his fate at a burning tire. Whatever he did was cruel but not unusual.

Just finished typing this and I’m headed to the cyber to put it up. Problem is… where to get a flash-disk? I was really dependent on Ideot. With an IDEOS you don’t need a modem. You can surf the internet without a SIM card.

This is not the first time I’m experiencing loss of a phone. My Chinese N95 got stolen from my room in campus, together with my wallet. The C3 was a Westy incident. The replacement wallet got nicked from my bag last year. I have replaced my nationa & school IDs &ATM cards twice.
Looks like I’ll be Mteja till Monday morning. Adios mes amigos.

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73 Responses to A Tribute to my Ideot

  1. Muraya Kamau says:

    Hope to cheer u up on Monday wit mocha @ the snack bar come monday. Pole sana.


    • Anonymous says:

      I wish the bar was a real bar! Thanks!


      • Woolie says:

        Pole sana for your loss and also for all those who have reported being mugged, robbed etc of phones & lappies. I am a bit ignorant on these matters but is there no way, technologically that we could render stolen phones completely useless to the crooks? Me thinks it is so wrong. I curse all phone blaggers.


      • Anonymous says:

        I’m sure there’s a way but perhaps the cost of blocking those stolen phones is not justifiable?


  2. Domquem says:



  3. You make it sound like you are treading an eulogy, pole. I have some cookies i just bought at paul cookiemanns, wanna take a bite?


    • Anonymous says:

      Yes I do… comfort food needed! Halla at your girl.. oops I got no phone 😦

      And it is a eulogy, Ideot is dead to me…


  4. Joliea says:

    Woiye swiri…. pole sana. I can imagine what you’re going through … aki pole. These fon thieves r ruthless, I endured the same amount of pain some time last year… it was devastating! Hope you recover soon.


  5. I feel your pain. Something similar happened to my IDEOS 2 weeks ago in Ngara. Life sans IDEOS is tough, but you will pull through.


  6. Alex njenga says:

    Sorry for the loss of your beloved Ideos.Guess i’m lucky my ideos wasn’t stolen when some guys tried to mug me along Moi Avenue.


  7. Thikaroad Blog says:

    Sorry for the incident.


  8. Pole sana my dear.
    When my laptop and cellphones were “privatized” nonprocedurally way back in 2008, it was the loss of the data in them that almost broke my heart.
    I however believe that you’ll soon get a more awesome replacement.


  9. Adaya says:

    sigh! am sorry for your loss.


  10. Bcollymore says:

    Touching tribute to the humble Ideos indeed. I doubt that Huawei themselves could have envisaged such a eulogy. Swing by our offices this week, ask for me and we’ll have a bright new shiny one waiting for you. HOWEVER, don’t y’all be thinking I’m gonna replace all your stolen phones…..learn from her and stop tweeting in traffic!!


  11. Anonymous says:

    Pole Savvy, hope the chap who stole it goes deaf, so that he never has to hear another phone ring –ok, maybe that is too cruel but I hope you eventually get another wonderful phone, and that you changed all your passwords to avoid being compromised


  12. Cookieiskuku says:

    Savvy I have read reread and your pain just bleeds through my screen. Set up a saida with the ideot 2 fund. Seriously is that Mr. Safaricom ama some sick person toying with your emotions? Shame on your if you are.


  13. Savvy wow what a tribute! really sad but seems they did not snatch your sense of humour, This was my fav bit “I was going to login to foursquare and become mayor of Thika Road” LOL you too funny


  14. Gerald says:

    Now thats really how to spoil someones moods.


  15. Caroll says:

    Read ur blog today morning, more scanning than reading. Today at 4pm my phome was stolen in Karen… no black spots around and it was gone with the wind.
    I lost my most expensive phone worth afew £ in October,2011, it had 5 megapixel, endless memory, life contacts/videos, travels photos…it was a sad incident, it was snatched while i was i was stuck in traffic…I was on fcbk. I was so traumatised i got a less valuable 7k samsung…it was stolen by caterers at a house party at ours, it lasted 3 weeks, i was traumatised and decided and decided no more phones for me. I left the country for a while.
    When i returned back t Kenya, i bought the affordable C3 which was stolen today at 4pm while i was just outside uni environ:( i m so sad because I am thinking why are my phones always getting stolen.

    Thank God I now have a good phone, withing 2hrs of the last getting stolen, people r callling/texting as usual, am like sad…they’ve no idea what i’ve bn through..am bleeding cause of my valuable contacts…dear thief please keep my phone, i only need my sim.

    I believe u will get a better phone:))


  16. Caroll says:

    Savvy, u should consider setting up a small saving fund for a phone. Since u are a tech wiz, friends/people/family would be willing to MPESA funds for a quality phone..however U have to make sure it is INSURED the same day u get it. Insuring is cheap, its a one off v.small fee a year. If its stolen it will get replaced.

    Am better at business than at tech stuff, i now have a C5, i have no idea how to download all those applications u mention.

    If u set up the MPESA fund, I will contribute:)

    My 2 cents, all the best!


    • Savvy Kenya says:

      Thanks Caroll!

      You can get all these apps for the C5 from the Ovi store.. dictionary, Bible, maps etc.

      Glad you got back your phone. I’ll seriously think about the insurance thing. And thanks for offering to contribute!


    • SupremeGREAM says:

      Last time I checked, it was not possible to insure a phone. The risks of losing one are too high as a result insurance firms shy away. What they recommend is a cover for all your household items where you through in the phone too. All these was covered at 1% of their worth….last time I checked.


  17. Vivacioushy says:

    woie, pole about you phone

    There is a guy planning to gold dig you?


  18. Mugambi says:

    i don’t know what’s worse – getting a 17k phone yanked from the window or dropping it in the mat… anyway, sorry for you incident!

    and somebody should do more to highlight the blackspot that is #Ngara the phone thuggery that happens there on a daily basis is amazing!!!


  19. Gituma Nturibi says:

    pole know how it feels lost 2 phones last year. Lucky you getting a phone from the CEO!


  20. Anonymous says:

    “You can surf the internet without a SIM card.” you lie, how does it work without a sim card? Am really sorry for your loss, I too have learned to stop tweet walking, tweet riding unless I witness an event that can’t wait till I get to secure grounds… Hope the kabambe 3g works for now 🙂


    • Anonymous says:

      I didn’t get a kabambe 3G, Bob C offered me a new Ideos so that’s what I’m currently using.

      I do not lie. You can surf without a SIM card if you’re using a wi-fi connection, which the Ideos is capable of.


  21. Anonymous says:

    Before I forget how do you sync you numbers with gmail?


  22. sorry dearie,this is what i felt like when some guy took of with ‘my baiby’ as people watched with little effort to help,maybe they thought i was singing him a lover song and he was playing runaway groom…no? if there is ever a kabambe 3G, do let mi know.making due with a kabambe of sorts.


  23. Jsakinyi says:

    Pole sana. I think if someone thiefed my phone, they would track me down and return it to me coz it’s so uncool:)


  24. Pato says:

    savvy..you are destined for greatness thts why you keep on meeting this guys just to let u have a feel of power and see how with power comes humility although it’s a paradox.Anyway the Ideos tribute reminds me of black eye peas song ‘am addicted and I can’t get enough…I just can’t get enough..she(ideot) come around and we’ll have a toast 4 tha good times..I can’ t get enough’you are an addict..I laugh.!


  25. Anonymous says:

    This Bob Collymore is way too cool.


  26. Pingback: Exit Nokia (stage right), Enter Ideos (stage left) « Fractal.Musings

  27. Cesky Cess says:

    Pole dear. You’ll get a another one don’t worry. As for the thief, his time is coming.


  28. grace mwaura says:

    Gal, aren’t you just good to writing – i mean telling stories!!!! and the fact that even Bob read your blog is quite encouraging, now better take care of the new Ideot you got from him!


  29. Vee says:

    Savvy, with your new IDEOS please make sure you download the Lookout app. I have it on mine and its awesome, you can trace your phone using GPS when you lose it (Not very useful when your phone is snatched though, since you can only see where it is but I doubt you’d be willing to venture into the darkest parts of Githurai Kimbo looking for your phone) but more importantly you can wipe out all your data once your phone is stolen, remotely.


    • Anonymous says:

      Downloading the Lookout app.. who knows, one day, you could be in the same restaurant with your phone! Then you can confront the buyer of second hand stolen phones!


  30. erick says:

    Mine was stolen but i have the number of the thieve and name . Went to the police to report now its two months since . I tried Safaricom but was informed they dont give information to customers only the police. What was the point of sim registration anyway?


    • Anonymous says:

      Registration helps solve crimes of bigger multitude, crimes that threaten the safety of Kenyan citizens.. not a petty theft like the loss of an Ideos. Sorry about your loss, but be careful next time, ok?


  31. erick says:

    Mine was stolen but i have the number of the thieve and name . Went to the police to report now its two months since . I tried Safaricom but was informed they dont give information to customers only the police. What was the point of sim registration anyway?


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