When G Came Calling

G is er.. a major international company. It’s everywhere you go. Just Google it πŸ™‚

Last year, I saw a notice on the announcements board. The Google-Anita memorial scholarship. For those who don’t know she was a great woman in tech. In 1997, Anita founded the Institute for Women and Technology.

So I applied for the scholarship … even though I was yet to finish my degree. I was hoping to be a finalist at the very least so I could attend the convention in Zurich.

This year when I got a regret email, I was a bit deflated, but lots of other exciting things were happening at the time .. so yeah I kind of moved on.

The Email
So when I applied for the scholarship, I checked all optional checkboxes: newsletter, news about opportunities and internships at G .. of course I was interested!

Then I received an email some time ago, saying some opportunities may be available and if I was interested I forward my CV. Immediately after reading that, I did a little excited chance .. then sat down to edit my CV here and there and sent.

The Reply
Yesterday, I got an email. Could I call you to discuss your application, G asked? the time was set. Three thirty PM this Thursday afternoon.

The Preparation
I immediately went into panic mode. What it it’s an impromptu interview on the phone? What if I can’t understand G’s accent? What if they can’t understand mine? What if BI (Black Ideot) dies mid phone call? What if I lose my voice overnight? Should I drink lemon and honey to make my voice smooth like those soprano choir girls in high school? Or should it remain husky like it is naturally (I wish!)

Then I remembered to breathe. I did what I do everyday. School, study then back home. Tweeting throughout πŸ™‚

I had indicated an interest in software engineering. So I said let me refresh my memory but I couldn’t go beyond Wikipedia’s page on software Eng. I did recall the story of the software crisis, I can imagine those times when only the programmer could understand their program! He probably didn’t even know what the program did!

I heard when G calls they ask you technical questions like how many bytes is the HTTP payload. But I thought that that wasn’t the time to start reading on network details, if what I already know isn’t enough then…

The Call
3.30 pm. No calls yet. Classwork all done. Python code running smoothly though it’s not doing anything meaningful yet. 3:31. Phone starts ringing with a strange number … can only be G.

So without divulging too many details … turns out though I did not mention that I’m back to school on my CV, I did give a link to my blog. And we all know the story of my life is out here πŸ™‚

I was asked a technical question: what’s the average running case of a Quicksort algorithm. I knew the best and worst running times. So I said those. She prompted me for the average. I tried to think. Anyway, it’s of O(n logn), the average running time. Worse case scenario: O(n squared)

I was asked if I know of data structures and algorithms.

How about how many lines of code I’ve written in the last 6 months? He he can I remember? What about my final project? I had at least 10 class files, if we say an average 500 lines of code, that’s 5k lines of code.

Etc etc

What Next?

So G does not want me to quit school, that’s neither good for G nor for me. They can wait till I finish but in the meantime there are internship opportunities, the next best thing. For three months.

No, there are no G software engineering projects based in Kenya. All are in Europe or Middle East. G will take verrry good care of you for that period. Europe? Middle East? Hell yeah.. keeping that traveling dream alive!

So What About School?

Currently, we’re in the second module. There is a group that has just begun their first module but they do evening classes. If I do leave for 3 months, I could come back in time to join them for the next (third) module! Guess what? There’s someone who joined our class from the evening group so there’s a slot there … for me perhaps?

All I have to ask is for permission for 3 months off. Let’s hope whoever is in charge will grant me this wish.

Is It Real That Easy?

No, nothing is ever that easy. I have to pass two over-the-phone coding interviews! Now where are those data structures and algorithms books of mine? Hmmm.. Do I remember the recursive vs iterative implementations of the Fibonacci series?

The Waiting Begins

  • To talk to the course administrator/supervisor
  • To pass the interviews

Fingers crossed, prayers being said.

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28 Responses to When G Came Calling

  1. I believe congratulations are in order πŸ˜€ All the best getting your approval for the time off. I am sure you will ace the interviews…


  2. Luqato says:

    Prayets being said now! All the best


  3. Anonymous says:

    Wishing you all the best girl!


  4. Gerald says:

    Haha oh girl. Welcome to the G world. With those brains yo needed here lol


  5. Adaya says:



  6. pitzevans says:

    arent you the cute geek hehe. will pray for you as for your voice, its a blend of both and we both know a hybrid is always better.


  7. Marlmarly says:

    congratulations girl! All the best.


  8. Daisy says:

    Congratulations, I’m crossing my fingers for you. Selfishly so-I live vicariously through you. I got round to commenting, now i might just get addicted.


    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks Daisy! I’m always proud to know an engineering chick like you! Hoping for the best for you… jkuat is a cool place to study!


  9. Woolie says:

    You are amazing lakini – and we are all rooting for you. Best wishes. You’re certainly a very suitable candidate


  10. keen says:

    As always I like your writing: …..

    So I said let me refresh my memory but I couldn’t go beyond Wikipedia’s page on software Eng.(enyewe masomo imekuwa ngumu…even 4 me)

    Now where are those data structures and algorithms books of mine?(got mine jana after they had collected dust for 6 months in a friend’s room)

    I guess u will have to prepare thoroughly 4 that “over the phone coding interview”. All the best with the G Interview.

    ION I will be officially graduating from the Nokia Class this Tuesday. They will be hosting us at Sarova Stanley….. more info when we meet.


  11. UrbaneKenyan says:

    Wishing you the very best of luck!


  12. Cesky Cess says:

    Go gal!!! All the best dearie.,


  13. Edwinabuga says:

    I don’t know you well enough, Savvy, but I still can’t help being excited for you. Maybe it’s coz if it all works out for you it would give me hope. Congrats and all the best!


  14. Anonymous says:

    Congrats Savvy, the next two can’t be that bad we all know you are a smart girl :-). Cheers


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