Wally B

This is the first time I’ve dedicated a whole blogpost to one person. But if ever someone deserved one, it’s my friend Walter. He’s one of the most patient people I know.

Walter and I during his graduation at the Hilton

I’ve known him for five years now though I can’t remember my first meeting with him. We’ve been classmates and friends throughout our time in undergraduate in the small dusty town that is Juja, in the mostly-male university nicknamed Juja Boys and One Girl. We’ve spent days and nights debating politics, analyzing algorithms, arguing about the weather, copying assignments, studying for exams, watching movies, swimming at The Hotel Senate, raving in various night spots, having meals at the Hall 7 mess, walking the then freshly-painted-pink corridors that joined Hall 6 where he stayed and Hall 1 where I stayed most of the semesters.

Last year, I had a to-do list. Kids, don’t try this at home, the list that is. It was all about the things I should do before I got old. Once you’re done with undergraduate you’re ‘old’, doesn’t matter your real age. Some things you are not allowed to do. Ask me, I’ll give you an example. Like for instance ‘privatizing’ wine glasses from The Senate Hotel, or sneaking into the swimming pool area with ‘unauthorized’ drinks. On my list was climbing the water tank at Studeez.

At about 30 meters above the ground, I was the only courageous one to have made it up. My friends all refused/chickened out. I removed my shoes, cautiously I went up the ladder, pausing every so often to take in the view and not to look down. I finally made it to the top. The tank is placed on this mesh, around which is a rail. I stood here and looked at the campus, knowing I would not be enjoying this place much longer. Then I heard someone call out, “Savvy!”

That’s the other thing, Wally B calls me Savvy, even if my real name is Harriet. He was here! He finally made it.

In the silence, as we stared at the starts twinkling in the distance, the peaceful campus (it was around 3am) glowing softly in the security lights, we shared a moment I cannot describe. That silence that connects two people in the only way that silence can.

Thought heights don’t scare me, I didn’t relax until I was safely on the ground.

Walter is the last man standing among my group of friends from college. By last man standing, I mean he’s the only one I know who never touched alcohol or smoked cigarettes/the_other_stuff. He’ll be the quiet guy in the corner taking pictures and enjoying seeing us making fools of ourselves. Not a sadistic joy, no, he’s not that kind of guy. More like an indulgent kind. Because at the end of the night, he’ll be the guy we’ll rely on to get us home safely. We’d dump on him our phones, wallets and valuables and trust him wholly.

That’s another thing about Walter, or Wally B as he likes to call himself. He’s reliable. Trustworthy.

He’s not just another nice guy, he’s intelligent. We’re graduating with first class honours this coming month. In my class, I was in this group of friends we called the G8. Wally B, Monch, Emily, Mwema, Kriss and I. Pato and Phyll were in another course but in the same department. We hang out together whenever we could. We revised for exams and did group assignments as G8. Monch and Emily are also graduating with first class honours, the rest second class upper division. Sorry readers if I come out as proud, but heck, I’m proud of my friends 🙂 We’re still close. We’re all in Nairobi but we’re so caught up in our lives that it’s hard to meet all of us at once, so the next time we’ll be meeting for sure is rehearsal day. (Rehearsal for graduation)

G8... only person missing from the pic is the one who took it: Walter!

Walter is the go-to guy whenever you need anything. Want the latest cracked edition of Windows 7? Call Walter. Want any software? Walter. Tutorials? Walter. Revision papers? Walter. Need help installing and running software X? Walter.

There is so much more I could say about Walter, but some stories are better half-told. For who knows, someday I will run out of stories to tell and I will remember Walter and dedicate another blogpost to him.

He was one of the first to get interested in the mobile apps development craze. Long before we woke up from our theoretical haze (comp science can be very theoretical), he had developed a J2ME app for this and that.

Recently, he was among the students selected for the Java ME training by Nokia. I can’t wait to see his app on the Ovi Store. Tomorrow, Tuesday 28 June, they graduate from their training. I have been invited by Nokia as a blogger, but that is not the reason I am skipping class to attend the event at The Hilton.

The reason is Wally B. Congratulations mon ami!


You can follow him on twitter

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16 Responses to Wally B

  1. wallyb says:

    Savvy, I have been advised several times to change my twitter handle…
    Yeah, wot is campus life without breaking a few rules here n there…tank climbing,10pm rule,…etc ?
    You guys made me a better person and am grateful for that.
    What more would a friend ask for, after a whole blog post by a renowned blogger and attendance of his graduation ceremony by the same?
    I am truly honored and humbled.


  2. Muraya Kamau says:

    Savvy, Marry this guy…or at least put the thought on the table 🙂


  3. rosyrotten says:

    ~Cosign!! Thanks Savvy for doing it for us…and Wally B:You are a blessing in more than one ways!!


  4. ninja_ress says:

    congrats you all!!


  5. Kenya army blogspot says:

    Had always wanted to see you


  6. Anonymous says:

    A friend tells you things while you are alive, things that others tell after you die.


  7. Ophil says:

    With this post, Wallyb will be a err.. lets say comp jargon…referring to “have it all” techies…just a thought 🙂
    P.s – you two look great!!


  8. pitzevans says:

    one thing, i better be invited to the grad party


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