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Will You Help Feed Kenyans?

Reblogged from Crazy Nairobian Kenya is such a beautiful country. We have amazing wildlife in our national parks like the Big Five and an even better offering of beasts in parliament which include vultures, fat cats and snakes. And what … Continue reading

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My Five Links

I’ve been blogging here since December 31st, 2010. This post here offers is a reflection of a number of 5 posts fished from the archives. I was tagged by @dyrants and Joliea. Most Popular Post This was when I met … Continue reading

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AFC Leopards: Ours Forever

I promised the editor of the Ingwe Fan fanzine (a magazine by fans) that I’ll do a post about the magazine, the club and my love for both. This is the second edition of the magazine and it featured a … Continue reading

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Bragging Rights: First Class Honours

If there is anything getting a first class honours degree has given me, it is bragging rights! This being July, my graduating month, allow me to bask in this moment. The graduation ceremony is on Thursday the 28th, and so … Continue reading

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The Samsung Ch@t 322 – My Review

I’ve had this phone for just over a week now. So my review may not be complete, more like a general look and feel of the phone. Unlike Kachwanya, who thought it looks like a candybar (in what world does … Continue reading

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Men and Paying Bills

I admit times have changed. Just as women demanded equality, men did too. If there are bills to pay, the cost is shared between the man and woman in the relationship, be it business, marriage or dating. I’m going to … Continue reading

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The Google Interview: Telephone Interview #1

Remember this post? So after a number of emails were exchanged back and forth, setting the date/time for the over-the-phone interview was done. Date was 6th July, time was 1pm BST, British Summer Time. Translated to 3pm local time. I … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Peter Njenga

I rarely do guest posts on my blog. In fact, I’ve been the sole writer on this blog, and I don’t think I did guest posts here either. Anyway, Pete requested a guest post, and how can I say no … Continue reading

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Funerals, Kenyan Style

If you are looking for a sad tale of tears and grief, I will not offer one today. Instead, I divulge into the phenomenon that is rural funerals in Kenya. They can last anything from a week to a month … Continue reading

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RIP Granddad

This Friday, the 8th of July, 2011, we will lay to rest my grandfather. As such, I will be missing bake bhh but you all have fun! This song by Hoobastank seems just appropriate: Did You? would you say everything … Continue reading

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