Guest Post: Peter Njenga

I rarely do guest posts on my blog. In fact, I’ve been the sole writer on this blog, and I don’t think I did guest posts here either.

Anyway, Pete requested a guest post, and how can I say no this nice guy?

CAMPUS: Memories and Life Lessons

“On this day I see clearly everything has come to life
A bitter place and a broken dream
And we’ll leave it all, leave it all behind”
– Alter Bridge [Metalingus]

I was allowed to blog about anything here, much unlike the topical stuff I write on The Walkabout, Complit Design, Green Initiatives, Connect eMagazine and Pete R Njenga on Books. So here we go.

Campus Memoirs

Savvy is more than an awesome tweep, she invariably reminds me of a place where I spent slightly over five years [thanks to a lecturers’ strike during our sunset days]. A place where I got much more than a Bachelor’s degree. A place that ultimately got me ready for whatever life throws my way.

I remember the good old days when some guys, suddenly overwhelmed by unfettered college freedom, would spend vast amounts of time getting drunk, getting healthy [taking drugs] and getting laid… but would still work hard and pass exams.

Six, Sex

I first experienced a University students strike barely a month after joining campus. At the time, The Daily Nation carried an “investigative” piece about wanton indiscipline, moral decay and drug peddling in JKUAT’s Halls of Residence, specifically Hall Six, which they [in their asinine opinion] labeled ‘Hall Sex’.

As expected, JKUAT students raided Nation Centre. The JKUSO Chairman, one Adrian Ouma, told the media that we were merely “registering our displeasure” at the untrue reporting. “We are not sex maniacs!” [insert jang’o accent] he shouted while addressing Capital Newsbeat reporters.
Newspapers were burnt in Nairobi CBD, one student died, guys were arrested when they stole sodas from a Coca-Cola container right outside Muthaiga Police Station, several others were shot by Police from Juja Police Station… we were sent home for six weeks and came back for a crash course in a significantly shortened semester.

I tell you things were tight, even the ‘elite’ Architectural students whose course takes six years started wondering if they’d ever be done with college.

Discoveries & Melodies

The rest of my five years were quite eventful, involving things that would take an entire book to detail.

Several things however, deserve a special mention. I do realize that they may also characterize others’ lives. Following are just three:

1) I realized that schools kills creativity.

Yeah, this sounds ironic, given that the discovery came while I was in school.
No worries, the realization that I was pursuing a course I wasn’t passionate about actually opened my eyes to whatever else I could become. “Say what?” you ask. Yep. I was passionate about computers, not Engineering. And I’m glad I ended up in Computers [design & writing].

To better understand my sentiments, watch the following TED Talk by Sir Ken Robinson:

2) Be Yourself Always. Be Different.

The very enduring words my friend, and Our High School Captain wrote me in those Form 4 “autographs” was this:

Be Yourself Always

While it was gradually reinforced by other factors, the ability to not give a rat’s ass when others found it odd that I dared to be different ultimately saved my ass and continues to do so in life.
Peer influence was something I often read about, and gracefully managed to resist… to this day 🙂

I would go on and on about it, but I believe Steve Jobs says it more succinctly in the following commencement address at Stanford University:

3) Make Your Own Kind of Music

Barry White says that you should let the music play. But Madonna goes ahead and tells you that music makes people come together. It may even make you high, a la Lost Boys.
And when you dare stop, Jennifer Lopez will firmly remind you to play her *expletive deleted* song. Whatever the case, you gotta play that funky music.

That said, music enhances my life. It plays every time in my bachelor’s pad. I’ve no idea what I’d do without my music box. For this reason, I’ll share with you Sara Jorge’s song ‘Let Your Heart Go Free’ It’s greatly uplifting, and also serves as an enduring tribute to Mr Thrill [RIP], whose Club Mix on Dec 31, 2005 introduced me to awesomeness in taking responsibility.

There comes a time in everyone’s life
When things don’t go the way you planned it
But don’t you know,
You take the blow it all works out.
There comes a time when all that you want
Just sails away, goes down the river
But don’t be sad, coz all of that just disappears.

If every step is taking you back
And you never see a way around it
Just close your eyes and realize it’s not too late.
If every dream is shattered in two
You’ll find a way to pick the pieces
Just lift your hands and understand it’s up to you!

Have a lovely and fruitful week good people 🙂

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5 Responses to Guest Post: Peter Njenga

  1. Anonymous says:

    Campus lessons it seems, I think you should add to the chronicles, surely you didn’t learn only three things did you?


    • Anonymous says:

      yeah, he should have written more about his campus experiences, no? Pete, you hear that?


    • I learnt like a million things, some of which cannot be publicly shared on the Internet 😉

      That said, a book is in the works, which will hopefully detail my campus life. In fact, a series of books is what will adequately tell the entire story.

      Be sure to never miss out on


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