The Samsung Ch@t 322 – My Review

I’ve had this phone for just over a week now. So my review may not be complete, more like a general look and feel of the phone.

The Samsung Ch@t 322

Unlike Kachwanya, who thought it looks like a candybar (in what world does that phone look like a sweet?!), I think it looks like just another QWERTY phone.

So here is what makes it different from the phones within its price range (7500-8500):


It’s really hectic walking around with two phones: one cool one with a Safaricom line, and one shady one for the other line (Yu/Airtel/Orange).

Finally, Samsung have caught up with the Chinese who have been making those low quality dual-sim phones.

Raised QWERTY keypad

Maybe because I’m so used to touch (well, the Ideos), I find it hard to use keypad phones. But this Samsung has raised keys that are soft and easy to type with, which means faster typing, of course.

Optical TrackPad

At first I didn’t know what that meant! Anyway, the scrolling/navigation/menu button in the middle uses a light sensor (like some Blackberrys) to track the movement of your finger. Scrolling around is smooth and seamless.. I loved it.

Standard Audio Jack/USB Cable/Bluetooth 2.0

With the USB cable you can transfer data to/from the memory card. The phone comes with a 2GB memory card.

The audio jack (3.5mm) is standard and you can connect your phone to standard speakers and listen to your music/radio.

Which reminds me, the music player sounds really good, better than the Ideos’. The radio reception is also quite good, I could receive the X FM signal anywhere. X FM’s signals are the weakest among the channels I bother to listen to.

The Social Media/ Contacts Shortcuts

Now that everyone is into twitter/facebook, there are native apps already installed on the phone and there are shortcuts on the home-screen. However, I never got to tweet/facebook with them because the phone refused to accept internet settings. The SMS from 445 said I should go to the nearest customer care center. I pictured the lines there and gave up.

There are also IMing apps: Yahoo Messenger and MSN Messenger, among other apps/games.

However, for others who’ve used this phone, they say it should automatically figure out the internet settings for you.

You can also add your frequently accessed contacts on the home screen.

The Downsides

It uses an EDGE connection for internet, but so does the Nokia X2-01, and for most people the only difference between Edge and 3G is the name!

It has a 1.3MP camera, but it produces better quality images than the Ideos with its (supposed) 2MP camera! At least this is a better camera than the X2‘s VGA camera (I’m just being honest here)

Unlike Nokia with a strong OVi Store presence for apps, the Samsung market is er.. it is there but who’s ever shopped for apps there? Now that Samsung high end phones are using the Android market it seems the lower end phones have been forgotten?


This phone looks stylish, is semi-smart and dual-SIM enabled. The music quality is awesome. Texting is fast. If you’re tired of carrying two ‘stupid’ phones, upgrade now!

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12 Responses to The Samsung Ch@t 322 – My Review

  1. SupremeGREAM says:

    Naah I think you need to know what @Kachwanya meant by candy bar. Ever heard of Clamshell, Slider, Swivel, Dual Face Bar or QWERTY Folders?

    Then on the audio jack, I think you are referring to the 3.5mm jack. Calling it standard may be confusing. There are parts of the world where 2.5mm is the standard. Like voltages, 240V is standard here but is some other part of the world 110V is the standard.


  2. I like the way you have put it “If you’re tired of carrying two stupid phones, upgrade now!”


  3. Anonymous says:

    The IDEOS has a 3MP Camera and so does the ZTE Blade, but yes, the two have very whacky cameras, the blade can not even take photos in low light


  4. Kachwanya says:

    “it looks like just another QWERTY phone”….. you still have not said what it looks like, so candybar stands.

    I like the quality of sound on this phone..super. As i said on my review i interfered with the Auto network switch and upto now i am still blank on what i did wrong. So practically i am like having one sim card on the phone. “Naomba serikali anisaidie”

    Yeah this stupid phone is not that bad. Just don’t taste the opposite first…


  5. Ms Allie says:

    it’s a cool phone yeah but there’s something about samsungs that jst doesn’t cut it 4 me…NOKIA 4 LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. Anonymous says:

    No, you gotta be kidding me, how can you even compare this to the Ideos. this is a mulika mwizi in the series of smart or semi-smart (as you may call it). internal memory is poor 54MB (default) compared to Ideos 200 MB, No Wi-fi, java mem is crappy……i think its just a nice looking “candy bar” with nothing inside


  7. Kishskill says:

    Whats the cost of the phone?


  8. Anonymous says:

    Nice review…


  9. viq says:

    where can i get it @ 8000


  10. USB 3G says:

    I must say I really like it. Your imformation is usefull. Thanks for share.


  11. sham says:

    its nice and affordable…………….


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