AFC Leopards: Ours Forever

I promised the editor of the Ingwe Fan fanzine (a magazine by fans) that I’ll do a post about the magazine, the club and my love for both.

That's me holding up my copy of Ingwe Fan

This is the second edition of the magazine and it featured a history of ALL the matches that have ever been played against Gor Mahia, since 1968 when Gor was formed. There are stats from way back then (a lot of research must have gone into this), snippets from newspapers of famous matches etc.

Sample Some

The inaugural match between the two sides was played on Monday May 6th, 1968. I just love this writing:

“William ‘Chege’ Ouma, Gor Mahia’s mercurial leader in attack, blasted two crackerjack second half goals to send reigning National League champions AFC to defeat in this action packed encounter…”

In 1975, Otieno Ndege was arrested by the police because he nearly caused a riot at Nairobi’s City Stadium. Nothing out of the ordinary, except Otieno Ndege was a dove! He was later arraigned before a Nairobi court. Excerpt:

“Otieno Ndege, a bird of no fixed nest, yesterday appeared before a Nairobi court charged with inciting the public to violence during the Kenya Football League match between Gor Mahia and Abaluhya on Sunday.”

Pick up the mag to find out how the story ended!

The magazine has some information about infamous defectors, player profiles, pictures from league matches, quotes from coaches, the club’s kit (home and away), and so much more (to use a cliché)!

There are also dates of the remaining AFC match fixtures that will be played this year!

There are pictures of fans, kid fans, footballers, anything related to AFC, and on that inner page of the last cover, a picture of an Ingwelet ( a female fan). Maybe someday I’ll be the featured one 🙂 I do have a shirt, check it out… only that it’s not printed Savvy at the back, but the next one will. Get yours from Jawamed Store located at the Mezzanine-2 floor, Afya Center, Nairobi; Imbaare Stores at Kawangware; Buru Buru Tens in Eastlands and Pitson Grill in Langata next to Uchumi Supermarkets.

That's my AFC shirt right there

To finish off, lemme quote the editor:

“In this issue, we trace the history of our rivals (Gor) in an age when MOST journalists spend oodles of time talking about the English Premier League. “ If you’re a journalist who falls in this category, be ashamed!

“We fill our pubs while they fill their stadia” (English Premier League).

The editor says it’s ok to watch the EPL and other leagues, but we must not forget our own local teams just because they have been going through tough times- bad leadership, bad results, unmotivated players, brokenness.. even Sir Alex Ferguson says:

“Success in football comes and goes. … Real fans stick with their teams through thick and thin. It’s not just about winning, it’s about loyalty.”

You should be ashamed if you keep saying “Arsenal damu!” “Man-U damu” and you don’t even know who won the Kenyan Premier League last season. Let us develop our own league.

AFC Leopards. Ours Forever.

Here is the AFC Leopards website:

Recommended Reading to catch up on the local football scene: Follow on twitter @sportskenya

On Sunday, AFC Leopards lost to Gor Mahia 3-1. A moment of silence.

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11 Responses to AFC Leopards: Ours Forever

  1. Narikoch says:

    Nice! I have been following KPL for sometime now, but I’m yet to find a team to call myself a fan of. But the piece is a good motivation to find one ASAP!myself a fan of. But the piece is a good motivation to find one ASAP!


    • Anonymous says:

      Try K’ogalo!


      • Narikoch says:

        You don’t know how many times I have been tempted to do that. But my choice is between the two AFC N Kogalo. We’ll see.e’ll see.


    • victor says:

      Welcome home.
      Come to the Club that values every supporter. We thrive in knowledge not noise. We also have the fanzine, a working website(, diehard fans even when the team has lean times and above a supporters trust-to show there’s order.

      It doesn’t mean that a crusade with a large crowd is where healing is.


  2. Anonymous says:

    A moment of silence? please excuse me, for me it was a moment of noise!! Anyway, good to know of your passion for AFC even though they are our rivals. Where can I get a copy of the mag? Even though I am not an AFC fan, I would rather buy their stuff than buy stuff from an EPL team.


  3. The Greatrnk says:

    I was first a Leopards fan, way way before I even knew the EPL existed. I have never abandoned the club, even when it was relegated, and I am not planning to.

    Good post.


  4. Ingwe Fan says:

    Thanks for the honourable mention and for loving the Leopards! People might not realize it but the future of Kenyan soccer loves in embracing the growth of local football and nurturing a rivalry as good as the one between Leopards and Gor.

    Just some info about the magazine. A Supporters Trust called CLAWS (Club of Leopards Active & Wise Supporters) was impressed with my blog Ingwe Fan and asked that it becomes one of its media tools. Then an idea was born to try and reach those who don’t read blogs. In effect, this is a published blog that brings out the things that couldn’t be blogged! The print fanzine is therefore another medium of CLAWS getting to archive the history of our team. For instance in the first issue of the fanzine we showed the different crests that the team has had and in this new issue it contains the list of all chairmen. This current issue is useful even for Gor fans as it is an attempt to have an archive of all matches between the two rivals in the format that could one of these days make a reading such as the one for other rivalries

    You can tell someone each goal scorer in each match between the teams. There are even a few prizes to be won including a cash offer for Kshs. 5,000 by answering some ten questions

    It is a quarterly magazine. It can be obtained at only 300 by sending the funds through M-Pesa to the number 0721792569 Lenny Githinji or 0700126608 Samuel Eyinda.

    Lenny is an active supporter of the Leopards and plays for the AFC Leopards Facebook Branch team that played the Gor Mahia Facebook Branch team on the eve of the last match. Samuel is a wise supporter of the Leopards and is the Secretary to the Facebook Branch. Both are also Trustees of CLAWS which encompasses other Branches of the team.

    Thanks Savvy and thanks to all those who are Proudly Kenyan!


  5. victor says:

    The fans have a website too Thanks for the review. All the best as you graduate miss Savvy


  6. Sportskenya says:

    Apologies for belated comment. Thanks for the follow and recommendation! Much appreciation & congratulations for graduation & 1st class honours!


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