Nokia brings two Dual SIM phones to Kenya

Press Release

Nairobi, Kenya August 1, 2011: Nokia today announced that the Dual SIM Nokia X1-01 and Nokia C2-00 would soon both be on sale in Kenya. Both models offer the most convenient and intuitive experience available for switching between SIM cards – without compromising on features and fun.

“The Nokia X1-01 and Nokia C2-00 pack more memory, better battery life and far richer SIM change and entertainment features than other Dual SIM products currently in the market,” said Kenneth Oyolla, General Manager for Nokia East and Southern Africa. “In addition to their various unique features (see below), both of these phones remember the settings for up to five separate SIM cards, each of which can be personalized with a dedicated name as well as preferred call, SMS or data settings. ONLY Nokia can offer this level of convenience in Dual SIM phones!”

Nokia X1-01

Nokia X1-01 Front

Nokia X1-01 Back

With the Nokia X1-01 you can give each SIM card its own logo, music signature or ringtone – personalization features that you can only get from Nokia! The phone also offers what is simply the best Dual SIM music experience on the market. You can store and shuffle THOUSANDS of songs with up to 16 GB of memory support, create your own favorite playlists, and play your music back over a loudspeaker that is the loudest and clearest ever produced by Nokia. The phone also features dedicated music side keys and a battery the will last for up to 36 hours of continued music playback!

Nokia C2-00

The Nokia C2-00 is the first to Dual SIM phone to have Easy Swap, which offers you the convenience of changing SIM cards without the need to turn off the phone or remove the battery. Just open the SIM door at the side of the phone and swap your SIMs. It’s as easy as that! No more waiting for the phone to reboot. With the Nokia C2-00 you can also browse the internet, read emails and enjoy instant messaging with either SIM card. Not only is the internet browsing experience far superior than that available on competing Dual SIM products, but so too is the memory support. At a whopping 32 GB, the Nokia C2-00 lets you keep thousands of photos, videos and music files with you all the time.

The Nokia X1-01 will go on sale in Kenya in authorized retail stores at a Recommended Retail Price of between Kshs 3,200-3,500. The Nokia C2-00 will retail at between Kshs 6,000 and Kshs 6,500.

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11 Responses to Nokia brings two Dual SIM phones to Kenya

  1. Nkirdizzle says:

    After I saw your dabodaboKE i was excited to see how they’d look, and seeing them now I am dreadfully disappointed, they are ugly lol
    i expected a cool smartphone, not this!


  2. Whatchu talkin bout says:

    Are you paid to post this coz it sounds like a bunch of marketing gibberish. Oh, and the phones aren’t all that; more like an upmarket version of a mulika mwizi.


  3. I still refuse to give up my Chinese fake Nokia for this original ones coming up. Hizo features bado hazijafikia za yangu ya China


  4. pitzevans says:

    hmm are you sure you shudnt be in sales and markerting lol i can just imagine


  5. The Greatrnk says:

    They are cheap, if you ask me, for the features they have. The red cover disqualifies me from considering window shopping for them.


  6. Ngureco says:

    We wanted the two SIM cards to be active at the same time. Unfortunately they are not.


  7. Ngureco says:

    I feel very disappointed because in June 2010 they had said Nokia C2 will offer the possibility of having one handset running two SIM cards simultaneously – that the Nokia C2 can keep both SIM cards active; meaning calls and text messages can come to either number while the phone is on. This was never to be. They also promised to have the Nokia C2 before the end of December 2010 and this was delayed by a whopping 8 months.


  8. kyt says:

    this phone is really crap!! its a bad idea to buy it at that price. better yet don’t but it at all


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