The Graduation That Was

This will be a picture story.. I’m not feeling very chatty today. I’ll tell you why at the end of the post.

So on Thursday morning, we left early for the graduation square. All graduands sat under this gigantic tent that was decorated with university colours.

The graduation square

Our names were read out…. we had to wait for all the undergraduate degrees to be called out before we were finally conferred with our degrees. You can imagine reading out over 3,000 names can induce sleep!

Poor guy couldn't stay awake. I hope he doesn't sue me for using his image without permission! Don't tell him!

Finally though, our names were read, we stood up, we were given the powers to read and we threw our hats into the air. We had to be careful though, if you lost yours you have to pay a big fine.

The throwing of the graduation hat!

Later, we posed for pics with our family, friends, and fellow graduands. These below are the first class honours recipients in computer science.

Me, Em, Monch, Walter. Congratulations my friends!


Remember me saying I’m not feeling chatty? Google called this morning: bad news. They don’t think I’m quite ready for an internship yet. Oh well, life goes on?

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11 Responses to The Graduation That Was

  1. Shikomsa says:

    Congrats! Yes life does go on. If they said not ready YET…. who knows.


  2. & am loving huyo Monch. Walter looks familiar, av seen him in Tahidi high I think.


  3. pitzevans says:

    u look beautiful must be the newly conferred power to read.


  4. Geoff Tanui says:

    Ooh bad! YES, Life goes on with hope that tomorrow come for much better things.

    Congrats for the highest honor and happy for you.


  5. UrbaneKenyan says:

    Congratulations!…and yes, Life Goes On!


  6. Kbaab says:

    I’ll echo the rest…life goes on.


  7. wallyb says:

    I know how it feels to lose such an opportunity. Better things are coming ahead for you. We look good in that photo.


  8. boosywoosy says:

    I think av seen walter in Tahidi high too…LOL.. Beauty with brains…


  9. Anonymous says:

    Sorry about google, but there will be a next time ey?


  10. Kentheone says:

    Haiya Savvy Kumbe wewe ni msupuu hivi


  11. Woolie says:

    Congratulations Savvy for your big day – a job well done by you and all your collegues. You are all headed for bigger things. Your ambitions will not be held back by temporary hitches and diversions along the way, ama siyo?


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