AFC Leopards Humiliates K’Ogalo 3-0!

Oh, what a sweet revenge it was for Ingwe yesterday! During the first leg of the KPL matches, Gor defeated AFC 3-1! This time they knew they were going to lose, a few fans I met on my way to the stadium did not sound too enthusiastic. AFC is in good form, and have been playing well, while Gor has had a bad run recently, the most humiliating being losing to Congo United 2-1. Congo is at the bottom of the league table.

I will not bore you with match analysis and such like technical talk, there are experts for that. I am sure Ingwe Fan will do a post-match analysis. Watch out for that blog.

I will share a number of pictures though… and tell you a bit of some of the interesting going-ons that went down.

I got to the stadium in good time for the most exciting game of the season, Kenya’s derby of Gor Mahia Vs AFC Leopards. The match was to start at 3p.m. The stadium didn’t look that full. I took the liberty to pose with some Gor ladies to show love for each other. Gor fans and AFC fans respect one another.. Shemeji. The way you should respect your in-laws.

K'Ogalo ladies and Ingwelet Savvy!

The atmosphere in the stadium was electric. The AFC cheering squad beat the Isikuti (drum). I joined the dancing band around the stadium but couldn’t keep up!

The dancing band had lots of banners: this one says: we support Leopards, we are luhyas with swagger, we operate on weed, we feast on chicken, we love thighs, we keep it dancing, we hail from home

Some fans had been at the stadium since morning, and as they had merry while waiting for the game, ended up blacking out and missing most of the game!

The fan who blacked out, hopefully not from Yokozuna. He never watched a minute of the game!

I got hijacked by a Gor fan who took me to their sides, where I was received with cries of shemeji, shemeji and attempted grabbing (don’t ask at what!) However when the game began I had to leave for the AFC side!

The Gor fan who had hijacked me

The match got underway. AFC players began putting pressure on the Gor keeper right away! I knew a goal was near! And we got rewarded when Charles Okwemba’s scored from a pass by Oscar Kadenge. Kadenge is the son of legendary Kenyan and Leopards footballer Joe Kadenge! We went wild..!

Okwemba scores!

At half-time, we sat down and chilled because the afternoon sun was relentless. The dancing band got larger, and the stadium was full to capacity (funny considering the tickets sold were less than the stadium’s capacity!)

The celebration at half-time!

One more stadium view:

Another view of the stadium

In the second half, we got rewarded with two goals from Mike Barasa (what’s a match if (Barry) Mikey hasn’t scored?) and Laurent Tumba! Gor did come close to scoring, but in this case ALMOST doesn’t count!

Laurent Tumba!

Mike Baraza (or is Barasa!)

Mike Baraza.. this pic is from yesterday. He scored the second goal!

A fan who was overcome with joy (and I hear he had bet that if we win) stripped to his boxers and ran around the stadium, and another joined him! We thought Gor fans would get out of hand, but though they were some minor incidences, no major disruption happened. Perhaps it took the mighty Ingwe to teach K’Ogalo fans a lesson in humility! Either way, it seems our coach is doing good work because it’s was a Koop d’etat!

The fan who said he'd strip if Mike scored and he kept his word!

At one time, the goal keeper held onto the ball and smiling waved at the camera!

The AFC goalie smiling and waving!

AFC Fans Celebrate at the stadium after the match!

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13 Responses to AFC Leopards Humiliates K’Ogalo 3-0!

  1. OtienoHongo says:

    We keep it Lipala – I like that! Congrats from a K’ogalo fan!


  2. Kachwanya says:

    Unfortunately i missed the match..but kudos to AFC ..for sure Sirkal will revenge this heavily next year. Gor fans will never joke around with AFC fans, coz one they are shemejies and two Ingwe fans match Gor fans in terms of size and numbers, and can throw stones too when provoked. Two super powers with nuclear weapons usually learn to live peacefully with each other or opt for cold wars through proxies


  3. The Greatrnk says:

    Lipala is not just dancing, it is a type of dancing.
    For the statisticians, the heaviest defeat Gor has inflicted on Leopards is 3-1 (earlier this season) while the heaviest defeat Leopards has inflicted on Gor is 3-0 (just as in 1983).


    • OtienoHongo says:

      Actually it was Gor 5 Leopards 1, 1975 1st leg. Also the only derby that witnessed a hatrick


    • Ingwe Fan says:

      Another correction, dont follow what the local media says without some fact check. Leopards had never beaten Gor by more than two goals. In 1983, Leopards did not beat Gor 3-0. On 1st June 1983, they drew 0-0 and on 20th October 1983, Gor won 1-0. But in 1981, Leopards had beaten Gor 3-1 (on 22nd January 1981). This 3-1 score was repeated on 20th October 1999. The other two scores were 2-0 margins on 10th October 1979 and 29th July 1994.

      All these details ate well researched in a magazine Ingwe Fan

      Speaking of stats.. this was the 70th derby between the teams.

      In the above linked magazine, Laurent Tumba said if he got a chance to invite a celebrity for a kick about, he would call the 44th President of the USA. Tumba of course scored on Sunday and became the 4th person to score for Leopards against Gor in the league.

      The match was the 31st derby between the teams at Nyayo Stadium (with the other 28 at City Stadium, 9 at Kasarani and 2 in Mombasa)

      Mike Baraza became the 7th player to score in two consecutive League derbies between the teams. (The others being Gor’s Denis Olando, Maurice Ochieng, Sammy Onyango Jogoo, Peter Dawo and AFC’s Abdul Baraza and John Odie).

      Tumba became the 2nd non Kenyan to score in the derby. The first was of course Demonde Selenga who also became the first to score a goal for both teams in the derby.

      Gor have to beat Leopards 7 times to overtake Leopards on the head to head record. For that to happen, it would take at least 4 years meaning the closest Gor can overtake Leopards is in 2015.

      This was the 2nd time Leopards and Gor were playing on 2nd of October in the league. The first time was in 1993 and Leopards won that one 1-0.

      Otherwise, thanks for supporting Kenyan football.


      • The Greatrnk says:

        That is quite some stats you have there. Amaizing how the fourth estate will be spot on when talking about EPL facts but be completely wrong when talking about KPL facts.


  4. Ingwe Fan says:

    Savvy, what do you mean the Gor fan who had hijacked you? You look very cosy with him there! He he.

    I notice you used a pic of Tumba there with his jersey number 8 shaven on his head! Nice.


  5. Ghafla!Guy says:

    And I had just bought my Gor Mahia jersey that day! tupatane next season Ingwe!!!


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