The IGF and Microsoft’s Executive VP Legal and Corporate Affairs

The Internet Governance Forum took place at the UN Headquarters in Nairobi from te 27th to 30th September. It was not just internet governance as a topic that was discussed, rather many broad issues to do with the internet including access, affordability, internet standards and so on. For some reason, the mainstream media kind of gave the IGF a blackout, sacrificing technology on the altar of politics as always.

I attended the IGF on the first day, but couldn’t make it on the subsequent days mostly due to school engagements. It was my first time at the UN HQ so of course I had to take pics of the path of flags!

The path of flags at the UN HQ in Nairobi.

In the afternoon there was an opening ceremony where various leaders gave a speech, including our vice president Kalonzo Musyoka.

On Wednesday 27th, the Microsoft executive VP for legal and corporate affairs Brad Smith called on the VP, and I got an invite (I’m well connected 🙂 ) He talked about some projects they are running at the Daadab camp for Somali refugees in Northern Kenya. He also talked about some development projects that Microsoft is running with some local partners like Virtual city (John Waibochi was in attendance). The VP (Kenya) then gave a present to the VP (Microsoft) in form of a painting.

VP Kalonzo Musyoka gives VP Brad Smith a painting.

I then joined the Brad Smith entourage to iLab Africa (hey I needed a ride to school that Wed morning!) where some of my classmates had set up demos of their apps. The iLab Africa apps demo was part of the parallel sideshows at the IGF.

A Student, Muraya Kamau (second from left) explains to Brad Smith their group's app as other members look on. Their app aims to provide a portal for fans to discuss local soccer as well as providing updates, fixtures etc

After that, IT students gathered at the Strathmore University Auditorium to listen to what Ms people had to say. I must admit this is where I made my exit to do some classwork, so I don’t know what exactly was discussed.

Dr. Sevilla welcomes Brad Smith to Strathmore

P.S. You can check out the IGF website soon for a report of what happened at the 6th IGF.

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1 Response to The IGF and Microsoft’s Executive VP Legal and Corporate Affairs

  1. Chege Miati says:

    Missed it. hope to attend next time!


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