#OperationSmile Day 2: Why RTs Are Not Enough

Dear Readers,

Before you read this post, please read this one and this one.

I am running a social media campaign to try and raise Kshs.150,000; the amount needed for a young man to have surgery to replace his lower jaw.

I have received a lot of postive feedback. So far, the amount contributed (by MPESA:0727832685) from my friends and friends of friends on social media comes to Kshs. 6,834.

Thanks for your RTs and for sharing; however if you are reading this and you have anything in your MPESA account, please spare Kshs. 200 (or more 🙂 )If 1000 people give Kshs.200 each…. do the math.

Can I count on you to be among the 1,000?


In case you wonder why I haven’t been to the media, Oh how I tried. I called, I emailed, I tweeted them, I actually met some of them… but they all said their editors have to approve, that they don’t do appeal stories anymore (and that same night you’ll see an appeal story).. This right here, this blog right here, is my media.

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2 Responses to #OperationSmile Day 2: Why RTs Are Not Enough

  1. peter evans says:

    well perhaps its time some of us joined this campaign, ill do a blog post and appeal to my friends to donate, lets get this guy a new jaw.


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