#OperationSmile :) Day 5: Slow Sundays

Read about Day 4.

I am running a social media campaign to try and raise Kshs.150,000; the amount needed for a young man to have surgery to replace his lower jaw.

Sundays are slow days and I’ve probably sent only a couple of tweets about my campaign. I was woken up by a text from a lady tweep, @MaggieTheMezzo sending me her contribution.

I was beginning to ask myself, will I succeed? But she restored hope in me. I must keep going. Slowly by slowly, 200bob here, 50bob there, 3000 now, 1000then.. we’ll get there.

So far, the amount contributed (by MPESA:0727832685) from my friends and friends of friends on social media comes to Kshs. 16, 412.

As I said before, if 1,000 people contribute Kshs.200… do the math! Question is, will you be among the 1,000?

Blessed and productive week ahead!

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