Why We Love to Hate Successful People

It is true, there is a scientific explanation as why we hate them. Publicly we adore them, we worship them. But given a chance we’d love to take their place. I read Dr. Chris Hart’s column in SN; he once talked about why we relish the fall from grace of rich and successful people. Survival of the fittest. If the fittest fall, then maybe we can take their place and our chances of survival are higher.

If for instance all you have is a Diploma from Kenya Poly (I think it’s a university now, Kenya Polytechnic University? Shouldn’t they drop the polytechnic then since it’s upgraded to a uni? Kenya uni? I digress). I have nothing against a Kenya Poly graduate but I’m just saying its academia status is not the same as say, that of UoN. It’s understandable to hate on UoN students.

image from pimpmyspace.org

Enter the world of cyber bullies. It’s easy to be anonymous on the internet. Your name is Francis? How about you just call yourself Frankie. Then rant all you want, all day every day. I just think it is sad to kill any minute hint of creativity you might have had on talking NEGATIVELY about people.

If you are on twitter you can have hate tweets directed at you all day, telling you to go back to facebook, telling you you are stupid, fat and ugly, slutty and cheap, ghetto etc. Sometimes you are forced to go to facebook and get the pic with the most likes, the one portraying your thinnest self in the most sexy way, and prove to the haters that you are indeed beautiful.

But you see, haters don’t care about the truth. It’s never about the truth but about the glee we get from hating on beautiful successful people. No one will stop having their fun to go dig for the truth.

So hold your head high, the wave of bullying will move onto the next victim. You need to know what and believe in yourself so that idiots don’t sway your opinion of yourself.
@Juuchini has written a survival guide: beat cyber bullies at their own game.

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8 Responses to Why We Love to Hate Successful People

  1. Carole says:

    Well said on e-bullying!!
    Use your words as bricks to build others up, not as bulldozers to tear them down. -Love Out Loud bk


  2. Fort Knox says:

    Your title and your post don’t rhyme. Bullying has nothing to do with Success or Failure but it has everything to do with vulnerabilities. How for example can I bully Bill Gates? I can’t, but Steve Jobs could and he did simply because Bill Gates left him with no doubt that he’s not creative… They are all successful.
    When it comes to hating successful people – The survival for the fittest which stems from Charles Darwin’s own theory of Natural Selection isn’t as obvious as Chris Hart puts it unless that was a metaphor which I’m poor at detecting. Survival for the fittest is more of competition than simply hating, maybe we can say competition driven hate – or whatever along those lines. That means Natural Selection cannot explain why you’d hate someone you not in the same level of competition with. But then again these are all English phrases which can be used in any field outside Evolutionary Theory to mean anything.


    • Anonymous says:

      I guess I didn’t really think this post through and halfway through it I digressed into bullying. I agree though with what you are saying.


  3. Woolie says:

    I too put on a critical hat and agree with Fort Knox. The title is about hating successful people – you know how people rub their hands with glee when they see a brand spanking new car hit a lamp post…This is borne of a simple emotion – jealousy

    Bullying – whether online or real world is a totally different kettle of fish and the consequences go far deeper than simple jealousy..


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  5. Sam J says:

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