eHealth Kenya App

So the Ministry of public health and Sanitation and the Ministry of Medical services developed a master facilities listing. There are about 8,000 health centers in Kenya. This includes private and public hospitals, personal clinics, dispensaries etc.

I have made a Java ME mobile application, so all of you with Nokia phones can download and run it. I will make Android/iOS/Windows later. Blackberry is too old school so I’m gonna ignore it 🙂

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With the app, you can view the facilities by county, constituency, or by the services offered. You can also search for a specific health center by name. It’s pretty much intuitive to use so let me hear your feedback.

eHealth Kenya mobile app

Download the app from the links I shall give you below:


Make sure you download them to the same folder. After that, have fun with the app 🙂

P.S. You can now download straight from your phone or from your computer.

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9 Responses to eHealth Kenya App

  1. peter evans says:

    congrats, i hope there are private hospitals there too hehe i hate government ones


  2. Wallyb says:

    Been waiting for a long time for this. I recommend a waitscreen as the app is downloading data from the remote server. Good for a start, but you can still improve on it.


  3. Kbaab3 says:

    Holla when you make one for the Android platform.


  4. Filipe says:

    Congrats Savvy, This is very helpful. Its so cool on my nokia. Are you planning a swahili version for the rural folk? and what about test centres?

    Suggestions, would you do the same for:
    a. the CBK banking survey that shows banks and the fees they charge for various products and services. It could help knowing the bank with lowest cost for bankers cheque, or a free prepaid debit card, or overdraft costs etc
    b. Schools that produce highest number of best pupils and their average scores and beyold that, the cost of fees for various levels. Infact, once you hit 1,000 subscribers, you can approach some of the schools to subscribe for listing and make some chumes…



  5. the best way to approach a reduction in her bill is to negotiate with the hospital. Is the hospital a public or private hospital


    • Anonymous says:

      His bill. My friend is a he 🙂

      It’s a public hospital but the bill is not the problem. The hospital does not sell plastic surgery stuff like a jaw.. which has to be got from manufacturers at a cost of about kshs. 150,000. I am talking with them let’s see how it goes.


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