5 Words That Make Me Go Grrrr!

I have been online for a long time, watching the English language evolve into something near-incomprehensible for those new to the online world. There are words that people use that annoy me, especially if the person using them has no idea how annoying they sound! Here’s a list of the top 5, in no particular order:

1. Loose- instead of Lose

Every time I see someone using loose on my twitter/facebook timeline, it’s almost always in the wrong context! Man-U are loosers! Maybe you are the loser, learn how to spell first!

Lose-opposite of win (Man U fans are such losers)
Loose-not tight! (Man U fans are loose)

There is no such word as looser.

2. Hae- instead of hi

I understand the main point of the change in language had a lot to do with text messages. With only 160 characters, words were shortened so the message could fit. But why would someone use hae instead of hi? Beats me every time.

3. Okey

No, it’s not okey. It’s okay.

4. Chart- instead of Chat

So we are chatting online and you have to go… you tell me, “okey, chart later”

Most likely not!

5. Xaxa, Ayt, Op, Da- instead of Sasa, Alright, Hope, The

Oh this is by far the worst category of online users, mostly found on facebook! Every time I log in, chats (lest I say charts) will pop up with xaxa, hae etc. So when I say I can’t chat, they’ll say aiit, or ayt!

For example, look at the text I got this morning:

No its ayt.sowi bwt da texts.ope u gud 2.

I wanted to pull my hair out.

Which words can’t you stand?

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21 Responses to 5 Words That Make Me Go Grrrr!

  1. Mrsmwiti says:

    Da is particularly shaooo.

    Xaxa Xoxo makes me want to pull out my hair. Good list. I’m sure many will agree. And it’s good coming from someone in their early 20’s.

    Such are the culprits.


  2. Beth says:

    every time i see someone writing danx WTH! Y cant they just write thanx how hard is that?!


  3. I used to use op a lot πŸ™‚ but the looser/loser one just cracked me up!


  4. Anonymous says:

    Hae Harriet, op ya ayt and okey, I miss you and I hope to chart with you soon. Xoxo…


  5. Anonymous says:

    personally I sometimes have a problem with loser/looser but what I loathe most is the “Op” or “Ope”! Oh why dear Lord, why?
    Good post.


  6. Woolie says:

    Yu sed it right their! Nice feature in the DN….


  7. Lionel says:

    Mind your Language….


  8. Kchizi Chizi says:

    Xoo!Dope a lecturer too and dat’s d trut, Dos words, damn!!


  9. CeskyCess says:

    Hehehe… Tru dat.


  10. Odhiambo says:

    Wish 2 b thea wen yo pullin yo hair out, twil b xo ilarias!! tihihi πŸ˜‰


  11. i really don’t hate any but i have a friend who cannot stand the letter ‘K’ TO stand for okay (or as they say it Okey)


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