Saving Mount Kenya!

Remember when we were running this campaign to Save the Mount Kenya Forest? Every tweet, every like, every share, became a tree donated! Every badge displayed translated to 20 trees!

Well, saving the forest finally became a reality! Africa Point together with other partners such as Nature Kenya, have donated 100,000 seedlings to be planted by farmers on the slopes of Mount Kenya at Hombe Forest.

Unlike the traditional way of planting trees and letting nature decide whether they will survive or not (you know, kinda like some parents do), the approach is different. They work with the local farmers, give them the seedlings to plant in their own farms, so that they will take care of the trees and ensure they grow up to maturity. This way everyone benefits. The farmers get free seedlings and the slopes of Mount Kenya remain ever green!

This past Saturday, some representatives from Africa Point, Nature Kenya, Rotaract Club (not sure which branch), bloggers and other partners turned up for a ceremonial tree planting session at Hombe, Mount Kenya. Sadly we never got to see the mountain as it was cloudy.

Trooping to the corner where we will plant trees. The place was beautiful

We were instructed on how to plant a tree (it’s not just a matter of digging a hole and burying the tree!), watering and caring for it. We then got a chance to each plant a tree. Luckily, it rains a lot there so there was no need to keep watering the trees.

This particular tree is nicknamed BAKE (for bloggers association of Kenya)!

Over 100,000 trees will be planted in the future if these seedlings are anything to go by! Looks like Saving Mount Kenya will be a reality!

The tree nursery

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2 Responses to Saving Mount Kenya!

  1. Wairimunguni says:

    That is like very near my shags! I remember some time back, one of my grandmothers used to have a shamba in the Hombe Forest!


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