Operation Smile: Did We Hit a StoneWall?

For the past one month, I have been running an online campaign that I dubbed #OperationSmile 🙂 . Yes I know, since Kenya went off to war, that name Operation is now being misused.Operation Let Us Strike. I digress.

Anyway, I have been running an online campaign where I am trying to help a friend get a jaw. His jaw was removed when he had surgery to remove a lymphatic tumor. I don’t want to show you the pictures, it’s heartbreaking. You can see them on this post here.

The money he needs for surgery is Kshs. 150,000. So far I have managed to raise Kshs. 61,980. So in the past two weeks, he went to hospital (KNH), did X-rays, and was referred to a certain clinic where they sell plastic surgery stuff. The father went there with the X-ray measurements and was given a price quote of Kshs. 140,000. He tried to persuade them to take what they have but they said he will not get the artificial jaw until all the money has been deposited.

I felt defeated; at first. But now I am going to renew and redouble my efforts. With the doctors on strike over low pay, this is not the time to negotiate with them to accept a lower amount! In any case, KNH can do the surgery for a very little amount, it’s the artificial jaw that is costly and to these private suppliers, Maoga is just another patient. They see cases like that every day.

Maoga and I when I visited him about two weeks ago.

But Maoga is not just another patient, he’s my friend. I’d like to see him get his smile back. If you would like to help, please M-PESA to the number 0727832685. My strategy is simple.. if 500 people each MPESA Kshs. 200… do the math. Be among the 500 🙂

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