Zuqka Feature: Yay, I’m Famous!

Your favorite bloggers were on the cover Zuqka, a pullout from the Friday edition of Daily Nation. I shared the limelight with one blogger whose writing I love Ndinda, and very pretty Kawiria.

The cover page

You can read the digital edition here

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22 Responses to Zuqka Feature: Yay, I’m Famous!

  1. Shikomsa says:

    1. Kawiria 2. Savvy 3. Ndinda 4. Amy Winehouse.

    Kudos girls!


  2. Woolie says:

    Well done ladies. I was immensely proud to hear of your success.
    @ Shiko why are you being modest? Your achievements were also highlighted. More power to all of you


  3. pitzevans says:

    that explains a lot.


  4. Lionel says:

    Kudos to my girl, Savvy! I love you…


  5. Isabela Samora says:

    This is good. A girl going to more places


  6. jerejustjere says:

    weuwe, belated congrats !


  7. diirine says:

    gud work gal inspiration…….


  8. Guest says:

    hi.im trying to get digital print as u mentioned above but i cannot get the december 5th 2011 issue.i have never read it i really want to.how else can i get that issue


    • Anonymous says:

      On the site, there should be a link to older issues.. then you can search for the Dec 5th one.. or I can email you part of the interview I clipped as a photo


  9. Jeremiahmurimi says:

    Zuqka.com is back. Check it out, and let us know what you think


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