The Local Tech Scene So Far

It has been an interesting year, full of competitions for developers and opportunities for bloggers and other creatives in the tech industry in Kenya.

The Blogging Scene

BAKE... what's cooking?

The Kenyan bloggers formed an association called BAKE- Bloggers Association of Kenya. In addition to having monthly meetups (and perhaps drinks-ups), the association aims to create an avenue where bloggers can make some money from their blogs.

There was a WordCamp Event which was a WordPress conference. Considering most blogs run on WordPress, it can be considered a blogging event.

Technology blogs like and among others got special invites to tech events and press conferences, showing a recognition and appreciation for the local tech bloggers.

I look forward to bloggers in other subject being recognized and treated as citizen media.

The Developer Scene

From Nokia’s mobile developer training, to the opening of mLab East Africa on Ngong road; from the Safaricom Academy at Strathmore University, to eMobilis and various app competition, I can say this year has all the markings that the local developer scene is in very exciting times.

Through competitions such IPO 48, Garage 48, Pivot 25, Google Android Challenge, Nokia Develop for Millions Challenge, Orange Social Venture Prize amongst numerous others many start-up companies were formed. Products were launched, and though the uptake might seems slow at first, these might be millionaires 5 years down the line! Rome was not built in a day. Wait, some are already millionaires… well, I’d watch out for the Kenyan developers if I were you. Maybe invest in some.

Twitter and Facebook, plus a Dead Google+

There was an increased rural-to-urban migration (facebook-twitter migration), which meant a lot of immature people joined twitter. This led to increased online exchange of nasty words, otherwise known as tweefs! They kept us entertained, sometimes we joined, sometimes we watched from the sideline.

Oh, Google+ joined the local social scene but…

The Rise of Blogs with ‘Interesting’ Content

Since MM is no longer satisfying its readers, I think some of them became the readers of blogs such as Nairobi Nights (I stopped reading it, couple of posts down the line it became so boring) and

I think there is also a site called, a kind of forum like mashada.

Here’s to 2011!

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3 Responses to The Local Tech Scene So Far

  1. Odhis says:

    It has been a wonderful indeed! The bits form a jig-saw puzzle worth toasting to… I’ll drink to that!!


  2. The Setta says:

    Know of any new Kenyan biz blogs? I have read Bankelele but nowadays he’s leaning on travel.


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