AFC Leopards Wins Peace Cup Against Gor by 6 Goals!

This past Saturday, the biggest football teams in Kenya were at it again. This time, it was for the inaugural Kibunja Peace Cup.

Fans at the stadium watching the game for any signs of entertainment

Fans of both teams turned up in decent numbers. The match began after some slight rainfall… the players seemed sluggish at first. Since our leopards have been training in Mumias you’d think they’d be fierce but no, lukewarm play was the nature of the game. I don’t know what the Gor players had been up to since the KPL ended but they weren’t bringing IT either. (IT here could refer to whatever IT is you are thinking)

Since fans were not getting much entertainment from the watching the game.... they took to the Isikuti. Fans from both teams joined the dancing band around the stadium. It was a really peaceful game.

The game ended 0-0 at fulltime!

This meant penalties. I hate penalties. I also love them. I hate that if a game ends in penalties it could go either way. I hate to love the tension that accompanies each shot a player has to take.

We started off the penalties. The first one got in easy. We celebrated a while then tensed for the Gor side’s shot. It went in. This continued until we were even at 5-5.

So we were to take the next shot.. the 6th. Our player hit the crossbar and the ball bounced off.. Oh no I thought we were done for sure. Gor fans were already celebrating when their player also kicked the ball wide! Ha ha… we could breathe again!

We were still at 5-5.

One of our players went next (you realize I am not naming them because I was too far away to see who was taking the shots). The ball went in smoothly!

A Gor player, Wekesa, was up next. Our goalkeeper Patriq Matasi saved the ball!!!!!!

Matasi is smiling and waving at a past match... Our team is in safe hands

That’s how we won by 6-5 on penalties. Matasi gave us our Christmas Present! We then danced all the way to town, causing a traffic build-up on Uhuru Highway! That win was ecstatic!

In addition to the cup and 2011 bragging rights, we also won 1million Kshs. Not much, but enough to give our team a decent Christmas Present!

I wish all my readers a Merry Christmas!

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2 Responses to AFC Leopards Wins Peace Cup Against Gor by 6 Goals!

  1. Otienohongo says:

    He he, they won 6-5 so they won by 1 goal, not 6! Anyway, this year played 4, won 2 each team so tume draw. Let’s wait for next year


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