South B United Sports Academy

There are many sports academies all over the world, dedicated to nurturing talent in sports. There are a number in Nairobi, the most famous being Mathare Youth Sports Assocation, which has produced top football players among them Dennis Oliech and McDonald Mariga.

The South B Sports Academy is no different. Right now, they only have football teams (Under 17, Under 14, Under 12 etc You’ll forgive me if I’m not accurate with those ages!) but there are plans to include other sports as well, such as basketball. They are all boys’ teams and they hope this year they can include girls’ teams as well.

These kids are the team captains for the coming year.. for the under-x teams (x here is the team age)

A friend invited me to the academy’s end-of-the-year prize giving on 30th December in South B. There were a number of invited guests, among them the area chief. They gave words of advice to the kids, most of whom come from the poorer neighbourhood in the South B area. Sports not only keep them out of trouble, but they can provide a livelihood in the future.

The kids then received certificates, medals and trophies for achievements such as top scorer, most disciplined etc.

The kids listen patiently to the advice they were being given.. They got the award for the most disciplined sports group in 2011

The kids are not just talented in sports, but they provided the much needed entertainment in between speeches with clever rap lyrics, and dance moves that would earn them a spot in that Citizen TV dance show.. what’s its name again?

The sports academy, which relies on the support of well-wishers, would like appreciate any help in form of sports kits, financial or tournament sponsorship. Check out their facebook page, you can get in contact with them through it.. or you can email me.

Happy New Year Folks!

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9 Responses to South B United Sports Academy

  1. Kush Labo says:

    We have to nature the talents of those kids, lets support them with all means. spend your weekend offering your time or anything.


  2. Jas says:

    Such a nice way of you doing these. Keep up the good work. Wish you all the best.

    And Happy New Year to you!


  3. Kizito says:

    Hi good people,,,, im impressed with your great work, theirs a young boy from Sivo,,, he’s a very good player of 11years. pliz how can you help him to achieve his dream in football?


    • savvykenya says:

      Hi Kizito,

      Can he play in his local school? Are there any junior clubs there that he can join? Let him play there while he studies and his chance will come.


  4. John says:

    Thankyou for such great work. In the near future, my son will join you. Keep it up.


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