Why Samsung Phones Will Rule Kenya in 2012

While Nokia seems to be faltering in Africa, especially where the high-end market is concerned, Samsung is getting it right. Let’s face it, the Samsung Galaxy S II is the phone to beat this year. Launched late last year, its screen size, processing power and memory are the benchmark for the competitors such as the iPhone 4S, the LG Optimus, the Sony Experia Arc etc. I’m not saying it’s the best (this is an objective term), but it’s the one setting the standards!

The Galaxy S II is the King of them all...

We are still waiting for Nokia to deliver on the high-end Windows phones, so we can compare. The iPhone 4S was launched in Kenya last week, for the asking price of 16GB model at KSh 74,899, 32GB model at KSh 87,999 and the 64GB model at KSh 101,499. The S II 16GB is selling at 60K, I’d say value for money.

When it comes to the mid-level phones, Samsung should make more sales this year with the many variants of the Galaxy in the market, including the Galaxy Mini (which everyone seems to have). This phone is an alternative to the Huwaei Ideos, which is painstakingly slow in response. The Galaxy Mini is an improvement in performance, even though the resolution is compromised. The phone goes for about Kshs. 13000

The Samsung Galaxy Mini

For the lower-level phones, where Nokia dominates (every mulika-mwizi is a Nokia), Samsung introduced dual-SIM phones. While Nokia dual-SIMs have normal keypads, the Samsung Ch@t 322 and a new model, Ch@t 222 are QWERTY phones. Makes for faster texting.

The Samsung Ch@t 222 is just like the Samsung Ch@t 322 which I reviewed last year. You can read techweez’ review of the Ch@t 222 here.

The Samsung Ch@t 222- pic from courtesy of techweez.com

The Samsung ChatON

If you have used 2go, WhatsApp, Blackberry Messenger etc, you are already know what messaging apps are all about. I like the Samsung ChatON User Interface, very pleasant. It gives WhatsApp competition. It is available for all Samsung phones, so you can download it from the Android market or from Samsung Apps for those using Bada. It comes pre-installed in the Ch@t 222 phone.

A conversation I had with someone using the Samsung ChatON app.

I think it will be an exciting year and I’m looking forward to the phone wars that will bring down prices for consumers while increasing the benchmark for quality phones!

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11 Responses to Why Samsung Phones Will Rule Kenya in 2012

  1. Jere says:

    ha! ati windows phone?
    if u ever review the Sony Ericsson Aspen Windows phone, let me be the first to urinate on it :-p


    • Thats a windowsmobile phone, a far call off windows phone, now back to the blog post. Samsung seems to be getting things right, and every factors seem to be on Samsung’s side. Android, market acceptance and more visibility, Samsung is clearly winning in this market.


    • Anonymous says:

      Jere, the windows mobile phones sucked! But the new range of phones running Windows 7 and Windows Mango give one a smartphone experience… take a phone like the Samsung Focus S. The specs are (almost) the same as those of the S II


    • mshauri says:

      ….hala we take that piss together…sony ericsson are like hunters with bullets(cash)…..but without a clue(mkt research)…on trendz….ama europe where they sell their fones is a still in the 18thc


  2. kenyan jobs says:

    i beg to agree with you..samsung has as by the neck


  3. pitzevans says:

    hehe what about the samsung note vs sII the note looks kind nice even though its just too big


  4. Eddyogalo says:

    Sumsung truly is taking over the game.Nokia phones are extravagantly expensive than other phone models with similar if not exact features.


  5. Macketer says:

    True dat.The next big thing in Kenyan Mobile phone market is Samsung.Offering bottom to Top solutions..and to back up its promise to be the no 1 smart phone seller in East and Central africa region,Samsung is expanding its service centres…Engineering Academy being launched soon..


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