The Kenya Premier League, 2012 Pre-Season Analysis

Can the Kenyan football league go back to the glory days of the 80’s? When fans used to throng the stadiums and local players got the recognition they deserved? When Kenyans were not obsessed with calling Arsenal, Manchester United or Chelsea “my club”? That’s what I ask every time someone tweets/writes a facebook status or argues in public about “my team”, usually an English Premier League Club.

I am in love with local football. And not with the footballers. Okay, maybe some footballers. My point is, I plan to attend as many Kenya Premier League Matches as possible. The KPL has 16 teams, and as an AFC Leopards (Ingwe) fan, my wish is to attend all home and away matches this season.

The KPL Standings. It's like we've won this league already, see, we're on top of the table! Unbeaten, we shall remain at that position till the end of the season!

AFC Leopards is the team to beat this season. Having finished 5th in the 2011 season, we had an impressive unbeaten second leg of that season. With a striking squad of the likes of Allan Wanga (he who married NTV reporter Brenda Mulinya-now-Wanga), Mike Baraza, Victor Ochieng, a midfield of Charles Okwemba etc, and a defence that includes Eriq Masika (we signed him from Gor for a record transfer of 450,000 from the other team. Maybe we haven’t reached the more expensive human trafficking in Europe, but so what? It’s a record!). So I was saying our defence includes the likes of Masika with his blonde hair, Jonas Paco and Kenya under-23 star Imbalambala, AFC is aiming for the 2012 KPL cup.

The new AFC Leopards signings pose with their balls (LOL) at City Stadium when they were being unveiled. Photo from


The other teams that stand a chance of winning the KPL are Tusker FC, Ulinzi Stars and Sofapaka. The other team (for non-soccer fans, that’s Gor Mahia) will be struggling to play in the continental cup they qualified for last season and I bet they will lose their concentration in KPL matches but then that’s my non-expert opinion.

The rest of the teams will be battling for positions in the middle of the table (and may land at the bottom), while Oserian FC and Muhoroni Youth replace the now relegated Bandari FC and Congo United.

As you may have noticed, this was not really an analysis but a post informing you that the first match AFC will play this season is against at Chemelil Sugar at Nyayo Stadium, Saturday 11th February, 4pm. The question is, je utatoklezea? (Will you be there?)

Eric Masika, dependable defender, before and after. He's ours this season, finally came home!

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5 Responses to The Kenya Premier League, 2012 Pre-Season Analysis

  1. Sad to see Masika demoted from PPO to a watchman. Tukutane stadi, though I will be supporting Chemelil for the first game.

    Last season I did 7 games for K’ogalo, all in Nairobi so my target this season is to do some away games as well.

    Let us support the Kenyan game and thanks Savvy for promoting it

    PS: When am I getting another copy of the Ingwe mag?


  2. Hamenjild Namwari says:

    I only came to realise the other team couldn’t afford to pay masika what he actually is worth,when he finally decided to land to where greener pastures are….fans from the other team couldn’t believe it…hitherto now they are accepting the bitter truth with much pain in their souls and infact it was evident when they played el-merreikh B when their defence struggled to concetrate,anyway we are all salivating as to when the season begins and see who the real soccer giants in kpl are.


  3. Ingwe Fan says:

    Looking forward to a great run this year and happy that the BIG TWO, Leopards and Gor have strengthened their squads.

    Masika, got out of K’o-gaol, now he has Claws. That defence looks mean and that is great news as the first leg last season saw a lot of leakage of goals.

    Allan Wanga is a former Golden Boot winner and hopefully he finds his scoring touch at Leopards again. That would make the striking force one of the most feared.

    The other players also have the belief and this could be our year. Come on Leopards! INGWEEEEEEEE! INGWEEEEEEEEE!


  4. pitzevans says:

    hmmm seeing as it you inducted me as an ingwe fan, i hope to join you in as many games as possible. go ingwe


  5. Zuberi says:

    That was a biased opinion but di I say


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