Facebook in Africa: Kenya Ranks 7th

When it comes to twitter, Kenya is ranked 2nd after South Africa, but it seems Kenyans are less active on Facebook as they ranked 7th.

Facebook is the top visited mobile site in Africa, which should be not surprise anyone!

Egypt leads with about 9.5 million facebook users, followed by South Africa, Nigeria, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and then Kenya coming in 7th, followed by Ghana in 8th position.

Social media marketing should be a strategy in every company that wants to sell its products anywhere in the world. You can easily identify the target market and push ads directly at them. Statistics like these are then important for planning one’s strategy.

Below is an infographic showing facebook usage. This post was inspired by one MacJordan‘s blog, whom I have just met at the iHub. Check out his site.

Image from macjordangh.com

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6 Responses to Facebook in Africa: Kenya Ranks 7th

  1. TheJuvenalis says:

    how is it that kenyans are more on “twirra” than fcbk????


    • Savvy Kenya says:

      It doesn’t mean there are more Kenyans on twitter; it means that when it comes to twitter, Kenyans use it more than other countries.


  2. Anonymous says:

    I thought facebookers were more than that…


    • Savvy Kenya says:

      I think there may be more facebook users than twitter users in Kenya. However, when it comes to twitter, Kenyans are more active than other countries…


  3. Ekalidas says:

    Do you know what rank Zambia got? I can’t clearly see the figures. That’s my home country but we migrated to the Phils.. And that Philippines is that big on FB is no surprise! People here are totally addicted to social media and are using it for marketing all kinds of things pretty well.


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