The Lady Techie and Her Bag

The Kenyan techie is your average guy in jeans and a t-shirt with a bag on his back, which contains his laptop heavy with various porn downloads. This is a casual and accepted look. I’m not saying there are no techies who suit up, but this is rarely on a daily basis.

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When you are a lady techie, you either work in an office where they provide you with computers so you can get away with carrying only your handbag to and from work, and dressing up in official clothes and heels. However, if you are a freelancer like me, your laptop is your best friend. You carry him (I’ve named my laptop Zee) everywhere you go. To meetings, to school, to the club, to work, to iHub, to the stadium etc. My bag is almost permanently glued to my bag.

Yesterday, as a fellow Ingwelet (female fan of AFC Leopards) painted my nails blue outside the stadium while we waited for the match against KCB to kick off, she asked what’s in my bag and why I’m always carrying it around. I told her it’s my latop. Couldn’t I just leave it at the office? Well, I don’t work at a closed office exactly. How about I leave it in my car? He he.. Yet to buy one. I have resigned to carrying around my laptop so it doesn’t bother me anymore.

The only problem is this limits my choice of outfit to jeans/t-shirts or casual equivalent. Can you imagine being in a skirt suit and with a backpack? Awkward? Yes, but I’ve done it before. At some point, you have to toss out fashion concerns in favour of practicality.

However, there are some laptop bags that are stylish and also serve as handbags. Goes well with a casual or official outfit.

Stylish laptop bag. Image from

I have to buy one of these soon since it looks like I’ll be walking around with my laptop for a few more months. Still, a backpack is easier to carry.

I think I have stumbled on the perfect solution. A bag that can be either a backpack or a handbag, you can switch depending on the conditions. However, it’s a Gucci snakeskin backpack, so I’ll wait for the Chinese to make a cheap knock-off that I can afford šŸ™‚

The handbag/packpack. Image from


My team, AFC Leopards, beat KCB 2-1 during their first leg of the Kenya Premier League. The match was held last night from 7pm-9pm at Nyayo Stadium. This means AFC is now on top of the league with 20 points from 8 games.

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16 Responses to The Lady Techie and Her Bag

  1. Cece-69 says:

    That Gucci bag is a cool inventory, knowing gucci get a macbook Air instead… šŸ™‚


  2. MoAngwenyi says:

    yes,very odd wearing official with your backpack so i opt for functionality because i got no office so i move everywhere with my laptop.


  3. Franklin mokua says:

    nice one!does the bag have utilities like snacks and a quick energy drink and a wardrope ?


  4. @martingicheru says:

    Something I would suggest, take a loan and start selling these here online, would get you some money to fuel your invisible car. šŸ™‚


  5. woolie says:

    Yap, nice post – and no need for a loan….merchandise. You have many many people who follow your football stories right here. Ofcourse not all are Ingwe fans but I am sure many would like to show support for their own clubs by sporting cleverly designed stuff. I never charge for this sort of advice, by the way….:-)


  6. Skirt and backpack? It’s me! it’s so me! Skirt, sneakers and backpack….it’s so me! I’m freelancer and can wear anything I want…hehe.


  7. Mackel9 says:

    Various downloads? Really? hehehe, anyway don’t worry much about the car and open space office the wheels and walls will come at their pace šŸ™‚


  8. Margaret Adhiambo says:

    Its like you have described me…. by the way you can get a cool designer laptop handbag at a very chinese price,hunting for one now..meanwhile,my backpack continues #geekette


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