Easter Surprises From Safaricom

Safaricom has created a self-help portal where customers can well, help themselves! Instead of calling customer care patiently waiting to be connected, with the portal you can probably solve all your problems. You can check out your bonga points, mpesa transactions, etc. You can even report fraudsters, check out your balance, find out the cost of the latest Blackberry on offer…

The self help portal is available through http://www.safaricom.co.ke/help/

There are a number of surprises for you if you actually bother to search for something. I searched MPESA and had Easter eggs falling on the screen. Check out the screenshot below.

The Easter eggs falling on the screen

Of course the Easter eggs prevented one from actually reading what’s on the screen, they were falling with such frequency!

However, if you search for other terms such as fake sms, blackberry, bonga points.. you get other surprises. I don’t want to spoil the surprises so just head there and see for yourself! It’s sort of fun.

Happy Easter, dear readers!

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1 Response to Easter Surprises From Safaricom

  1. Philos Mudis says:

    At long ‘last’!

    They figured out that they had so many customers and most of them would just go for ‘do it yourself’ instead of wasting hours calling customer care.

    Last time when I called a 100, they had this option where they could call me back instead of the customer wasting time. Thumbs up Safaricom. Keep on giving your customers better services.


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