Caleb Kipkan Ngungi: An Appeal For Your Assistance

You may have heard of The Let Me Live Concert. It was a concert whose aim was to raise money for Caleb Kipkan Ngugi, a sixteen year old boy who needs to travel to South Africa for a bone marrow transplant to cure acute leukemia. The concert was successful and massive thanks go out to all those who made their way to NPC Woodley despite of the heavy rains. The various groups and artists who performed for free also deserve a big pat on the back.

Unfortunately, Caleb was taken ill on the night after the concert and is currently admitted at Getrudes Hospital (Muthaiga). He was in need of blood but luckily, Red Cross and Carol Radull donated about 16 pints of blood.

So many of you have helped in one way or another and you cannot be thanked enough for your kindness. However, the money that had been raised at the concert and through the sale of merchandise and artists CDs was not going to be enough to cater for the transplant that is set to cost about 5.5 million. It is in this regard that you are kindly asked to help out financially or in any other way that you can. Contributions of whatever amount can be sent to Grace Kipkan’s M-Pesa number 0727 647 085 or Caleb Ngugi Kipkan’s medical fund Co-op Bank University Way account number 01109172153500. Even that 50 bob will go a long way in helping. For updates, follow @teamcaleb16 on twitter.

Kindly share this post on various social sites to your friends and/or tell your friends or anyone who can help. Bloggers can re-blog this post on their blogs or websites and let their fans know about Caleb.

Let us help Caleb achieve his dream of being a pilot.

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