Pivot East Shortlisted Apps

The Pivot East Conference and App competition will take place on 5th-6th June at Ole Sereni Hotel in Nairobi. It brings together developers and investors and other stakeholders together for two days of a pitching competition and conference speakers.

The app competition already started, with developers submitting app ideas in each category. After that, the judges picked the top 10 in each category, from which the 5 best will be picked. Here are the top 10 ideas in each category:

Financial Services Category

  • Chamapro
  • Changamka
  • Future Magnets
  • Kwachu Tiko
  • mCollector
  • MobiKash
  • mPermit
  • M-Tafiti
  • Pay4Us
  • QuickElec

Business and Resource Management Category

  • Art Pakacha
  • Dairy Sacco App
  • Easy Order
  • Get-it! app
  • MyBusiness App
  • SMS Based Health Insurance Members Verification
  • SMS Offline and Online virtual Market place
  • Wakili

Entertainment Category

  • Andromaid
  • AngryKenyans
  • KenyanEnt
  • Ma3racer
  • Mag Preview
  • Magaziine
  • Mingle
  • Run For Afrika
  • Tough Jungle

Mobile Society Category

  • eLimu
  • FarmPal
  • Gorecycler
  • GreenhousePro
  • mpoultry
  • MPrep
  • Mtu wa Job
  • StorySpaces

Utilities category

  • 6ix degrees
  • Crowdpesa
  • I travel
  • Mafuta Go
  • Mare-Mare
  • Migwa
  • mTracker
  • m-verified
  • Smart Drive 360
  • Tell-a-Friend
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