The Nokia C1-01: My Review

It’s been a while since I used a feature phone, let alone reviewed one. I used this phone for about 5 days while I waited to return to the sane world of smartphones.

This is Baby C, The Nokia C1-01. Image from

Opera Mini

It’s the cheapest phone with a ‘good’ internet connection that I could find. It comes pre-installed with opera mini so you can start surfing right away. It has an Edge connection (2G network) but it’s pretty decent for a phone that size because its data requirement is minimal. You can do the usual sites: facebook, twitter, gmail comfortably.


I don’t how many MP it has but either way, the pics are the type give you a headache when trying to view details, so let’s skip the review. It’s probably 1.2MP


I could listen to X FM pretty well, so can’t complain. Standard Nokia headphones, standard port so you can play music on external speakers.


A good music player, and since it has a slot for a memory card, I could listen to music in peace on my way home to and from town. It’s a long journey to Utawala, and the bus usually has friendly people who want to talk. Earphones will get you out of conversation.


It has the usual games… including Solitaire and Snake, except the snake is too big so not very responsive! You can download Series 40 apps from the Ovi Store so knock yourself out.

Size and Lightness

It’s a sleek phone, felt tiny in my hand considering my previous phone was a Samsung Galaxy S II named Calypso, but that is a story for another day.


Picture this: it’s raining. Heavily. It has taken me one hour to get to town from Strathmore, only to find no buses at my stage. I need to make a phone call but I only have a SIM card. I don’t have cash, my money is in MPESA. So when I asked the guy at the shop what’s the cheapest phone with internet, and we tend to trust Nokia brands for lower end phones, I decided to get the C1-01. For Kshs. 5,000. I’m ready to sell it for Kshs. 4,000. Any takers?

Anyway, I have moved on to a new phone: The Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos. It’s the one on the right that’s both QWERTY and touch, and runs on Android. Will review it soon. I haven’t named it yet and suggestions are welcome!

The Galaxy Y Duos and the Galaxy Y Pro Duos. Image from

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10 Responses to The Nokia C1-01: My Review

  1. Michael Paul says:

    I lost my Nokia C1-01 two days ago…

    and i wanna be back to the world of smart-phones again; Savvy… just tell me how much are the Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos?


  2. kachwanya says:

    “I don’t how many MP it has but either way, the pics are the type give you a headache when trying to view details, so let’s skip the review. ”

    Some Reviews are more interesting than ever.. Now the phone has 600×480 pixels ..and with that we skip to the next comment


    • savvykenya says:

      Thanks for the information! I liked the phone but it’s just not for me. Once you get a smartphone, you can’t go back!


  3. Steilmeteor says:

    very good phone love to have it.


  4. Chege Wa Njoki says:

    My Nokia c1-01 camera isn’t functioning, it say operation failed the camera on standby. What could be the problem?


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