Pivot East 2012 Winners

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The PivotEast competition has come to an end.

In order to understand how the judging panel came to the final decision here is a brief on how the judging was done. The finalists were awarded points by the judges, the investors and the coaches & mentors. Scoring by the judges accounted for 70% of the total points awarded and the remaining 30% was calculated from tally of points awarded by the investors and the coaches.

The overall winner was chosen by majority votes from the judging panel.

Contestants at Pivot East pitching their idea. Photo courtesy of CIO East Africa facebook page.

The Winners

(1) Financial Services Category:

Winner: SchoolBursar by Fomobi Solutions, – SchoolBursar streamlines the process of receiving and managing payments through M-Pesa. It performs real-time analysis and generation of reports for each student, sends reminders to parents and guardians who have fee deficits and alerts the administrator and principals of the same. The team is represented by Mwema Jacob, Kasomo M. Martin and Carol Muchai.

Competitors in that category were: Changamka, Pay4us, Mcollector, SchoolBursar and Chamapro

(2) Business and Resource Management Category:

Winner: EasyOrder by Afro Cyber Inc Solutions – an SMS based mobile ordering and supply chain management application developed to simplify the way customers order for goods from manufacturers and distributors. The team from Uganda consists of Billy Kaye, Gilbert Rutatiina, Damalie Muwonge, Warren Matovu and Festo Muwanguzi

Competitors in that category were: Wakili , Get-it App, Dairy Sacco App, Bei Nafuu App, Easy Order

(3) Entertainment Category:

Winner: Ma3racer by Planet Rackus- a racing game set on the busy Nairobi Highways. The team consists of Mwaura Kirore ,Duncan Aidoh Onyango, Joe Murithi Njeru, Roger Tenenmberger,Fred Kioko,Philip Ranja, Jimmy Gitonga and Kevin Maina

Competitors in that category were: TUBET, Ma3racer,Mingle, RunforAfrika, Tough Jungle

(4) Mobile Society Category:

Winner: Mprep- an sms study solution for students, teachers and schools. The team consists of Toni Maraviglia, Chris Asego, Kago Kachiri, Mike Milanya and Isaac Kosgei

Competitors in that category were: Mprep, Storyspaces, e-limu, mPoultry and Sarura

(5) Utilities Category: CrowdPesa

Winner: MafutaGo – a mobile and web application that helps users find the petrol station that best their needs. It displays a petrol stations location, the services the station offers, any special offers the station may have for its clients. The team consists of Ampaire Christine, Jjingo Kisakye, Remo Samuel, Jero Odur and Muranga James

Competitors in this category: Crowd Pesa, MafutaGo, 6ixDegrees,mTracker and M-verified

The overall winners for the competition is: Ma3racer

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