AFC Leopards Fans Fiesta

This past Sunday, AFC Leopards fans from all branches countrywide, supporters (the CLAWS Trust), officials and players, as well as random spectators and ice cream vendors were gathered at the Railways Club in Nairobi for a fun day for the fans!

The trophies on offer during the Ingwe Fan/Fun Day!

There were inter-branch competitions in football, and other games such as the sack race, egg-on-spoon-in-mouth race, tug-of-war, racing (100m dashes) etc. Some of the branches represented included Kawangware Branch, Embakasi Branch, Nakuru Branch, Ingwelets Branch (for the ladies, for which I’m a certified member), Zimmerman Branch, Facebook Branch etc. Each team assembled its best athletes and competitions went on throughout the day with fans watching.

The Facebook Branch team looking all green and mean! Unfortunately they didn't make it to the finals.

Kids were not left out of the equation: there were bouncing castles for them, and they could also get refreshments at the Ingwelets tent. The Ingwelets tent, for lack of better words, was up there (juu tu sana!) It had everything Ingwelets and Ingwe totos (kids) needed!

Ingwe totos having fun at the bouncing castle

I arrived late in the afternoon, to find the last few teams battling for the top spots. I sauntered over to the Ingwelets tent where I was admonished for being late (I profusely apologize) and perhaps next time I’ll get sporty and actually take part in a competition. I met the chairman of the Facebook Branch, Shikuku Kisaka, who finally showed us complete photos of the Ingwe Bus to be unveiled soon! Our players will not have to travel by hired buses anymore!

The AFC Leopards customized bus for the players 🙂 I hope to get a ride in it someday!

In the end, the Zimmerman Branch emerged the overall football winners in the men’s category, while Kawangware Branch won in women’s football.

The ZImmerman Branch members celebrating their win after a day well spent earning it!

It was a fun fan day! This was crowned by the arrival of the AFC Leopards official squad towards the end of the day, and it was encouraging and exciting to interact with them. They are proceeding to camp in Mumias for the upcoming match against SoNy Sugar in Mumias on 20th. Who is up for a road-trip?! Of course I’m attending the match and if you want to come along, you are most welcome!

Mike Baraza, start AFC striker, poses for a photo with me. Photo made better by Instagram 🙂


Most of the photos above can be credited to sources on the AFC Facebook Branch group.

We are grateful to Claws Trust, the Leopards supporters’ trust that organized the event led by the organizing committee headed by Aidah Bunoro. Read more here.

Harambee Stars was defeated 1-0 by Namibia in the second match of their 2014 World Cup qualifiers in Windhoek, Namibia. Remember we drew our first match at home against Malawi. How Kimanzi and friends (that’s the composition of the national team) can make it to Rio, Brazil 2014 is a miracle. We probably need to pray.


One thing we can improve on next time is to provide a programme of events. Most fans did not know what was happening at what time, so it looked a little bit disorganized. Another thing is the rules of play should have been decided before the games, taking into account all possible outcomes like ties or draws.

Also perhaps labels showing directions to places such as meal places, restrooms, etc. Looking forward to next time.

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12 Responses to AFC Leopards Fans Fiesta

  1. Stanambeyi says:

    what did you do to barry’s photo?


  2. Wilfred says:

    Nice bus:-) One football club that’s really engaging with the fans.


  3. Thats how we Roll #Ingwe


  4. Dennis says:

    Ingwe mko juu sana


  5. Dennis says:

    Btw what happened to this bus plan?


  6. pitzevans says:

    ahem where was my invite?


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