The Samsung Galaxy S III Officially Launched in Kenya

This phone has been in the airwaves for a while now. Touted as the best smartphone in the market currently (of course ‘best’ here is relative), it was officially launched in Kenya last week on Thursday 5th July at a glitzy event at The Tribe Hotel.

I am still waiting to get my hands on the phone so I can test and review it, but in the meantime, please enjoy a YouTube video of the launch below:

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3 Responses to The Samsung Galaxy S III Officially Launched in Kenya

  1. disaster103 says:

    This video is private?


  2. Omukitosi says:

    I think SIII may have a wow effect but it ages like the Sang Yong of old. Terribly if the S-Note is anything to go by. Plus the Android freebies are not all that. If I want a serious all- round phone, it’s the IPhone (closely followed by the Lumia 920 (going by reviews), if best camera phone, it’s the Nokia Pureview. For the 50k plus you fork out, surely you need to consider the primary need of having the smart phone than. But I will concur, the SIII looks great. New.


    • savvykenya says:

      To each his own.. but if you ask me what’s the best phone you can buy right now, I’d still say S III. The iPhone is far from being all-round! The Lumia 920 is yet to his the Kenyan market.


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