A Spotlight on the Ingwelets

Ingwelets are not just female supporters of the best team in Kenya (AFC Leopards), perhaps the best team in Africa and all of the world. No, they are more than female: they have passion for the team, they go to great lengths to support it, they have a concern for the community in general, and they do it all with swag(ger!)

They have a kind heart for the sad, an encouraging word for a player, a cheer for every goal, a uniform for every match, a shoe for every outfit, a dance for every outing, a warm hug for a fellow sister, a glass of wine for a long journey (e.g. to Mumias for a game), a story to bring laughter, a story to bring hope, a story to reflect upon.

Ingwelets in the background, and Ingwe totos who’ll grow up to be Ingwelets, chilling at the tent during a past event at the Railway Club.

They come from different backgrounds, grew up in different towns, went to different schools, have different accents, but are all united by the love for Ingwe (AFC Leopards) and a compassion for the community.

Apart from just appearing for matches, and in various print and electronic media in uniform as AFC fans, they also carry out Community (as opposed to corporate) Social Responsibility. It’s not just about visiting a children’s home, it’s about leaving an impact wherever you go. And Ingwelets are not easy to forget!

Ingwelets rocking the red and black ‘away’ kit during a past match

Our President is none other than a vivacious Esther Sugababe, our VP is Bern IngweFirstEleven (the name varies from time to time), and our other officials include Donnah, Rose, Gloria, Pesh, Valencia, Hanii and Mish who serve in various capacities.

If you would like to join us, do not hesitate to leave a comment below and we will get in touch with you. Exciting new activities coming up in the next few months, you do not want to miss out. This is also your chance to get yourself a branded top like mine below that I use as a profile picture on both facebook and twitter 🙂

My very own branded top

I love being a part of the Ingwelets! Our next roadtrip takes us to Mumias this coming weekend (21st Saturday July) for an AFC Leopards v Karuturi Sports match. Who wants to travel?

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6 Responses to A Spotlight on the Ingwelets

  1. Remmy says:

    (the name varies from time to time) i like tht!!!


  2. Mwaleglo2006 says:

    I.N.G.W.L.E.T ( Independent Naturally Gifted Women Expounding Leopardism Every Time). we welcome all famale fans on board.


  3. Nyapera says:

    lovely piece!!!


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