Divas4Tech :: Young Women Empowering Girls From Marginalized Areas

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Women empowerment has been a term that sometimes has been used loosely in many circles but a group of ladies are trying to do exactly what that statement really insinuates. Divas4Tech is a group of ladies who are reaching out to young girls outside the urban centers to provide an opportunity for them to understand the opportunities they can exploit in Technology and mentor these girls with regards to the same.

Team Member during an outreach Project in Siaya, Kenya

Many of the young girls in Rural Kenya have been neglected and lack role models and mentors that girls in Urban Kenya have the luxury of interacting with and these young women are providing an opportunity for these girls to be afforded the same. The group seeks to partner with women professionals to assist in carrying out their agenda. The task of women empowerment is one that every woman in Tech should in their small way contribute to and it is amazing that these ladies have taken up the challenge.

Check out Divas4Tech on our website and support us! Yeah, I’m a @diva4tech www.divas4tech.org


We’ve been in involved in this Divas4Tech project for a while, and we are now taking off the ground, as it were. If you wanna join us, do not hesitate to do so!

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1 Response to Divas4Tech :: Young Women Empowering Girls From Marginalized Areas

  1. Kudos Divas4Tech. Take this intiative to every part of Kenya. Many people have no idea the job opportunities the I.T has to offer.


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