Nairobi Half Life: My Review

Would I watch it again? Definitely.

A scene in the movie Nairobi half-life

As my friends and I walked out of the theater at Westgate on Saturday night, we felt the movie was worth every shilling of the Ksh 450 ticket that we paid for. The movie is about a young man from the village called Mwas, who comes to Nairobi to try and live his dream of becoming an actor. He ends up in the wrong side of town and has to lead some sort of double life as things go wrong and we are left wondering if there will be a happy ending.

This is a movie that will hold your attention from the beginning to the very end. The script is very well written and the conversations are gripping, hilarious at times and intense in others. Each character is just so real you cannot believe it’s all an act. Everyone in the movie has their own struggles, ambitions of becoming something better while they survive the current times, doing whatever it is they do.

The scenes in the movie are familiar and portray the reality of Nairobi that some of us may have seen, experienced or imagined. Scenes that show you what happens when your car’s side mirrors and headlights are removed and then later re-sold to you along the spare parts shops of Kirinyaga Road, or exactly who lives in those apartments downtown and how gangs pay protection fee to the cops. How easily crime can escalate from small time robberies to carjackings.

Mwas on the day he arrived in Nairobi to pursue his acting dreams

But this is not the story of a gang, this is the story of people and their dreams, and their lives pursuing those dreams in this city. At the end of the movie, is the question of whether you choose to look, or to look away. The characters are memorable, such as Oti played by Wilfred Olwenya and of course the main character Mwas, played by James Wairimu.

So on Saturday night some of the cast of Nairobi half-life were at Westgate to (sign autographs, take pictures) interact with the audience and we got a picture with Oti, who looked smaller and so un-rugged compared to the character on the screen!

A guy in Oti’s gang, me, Oti and a friend of mine posing for photos

Nairobi Half Life is showing at Planet Media Westgate everyday at 3:20 pm and 7:30 pm. Charges: 450/= weekend, 350/= weekdays. It’s also showing at the Junction. See trailer below, watch the movie then come thank me!

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  1. Jere says:

    I really need to watch this, 😦 thanks for the review!


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