Microsoft Office 365

First, I have to apologize for not blogging for a long time.

If you have used Google Apps before, then you are no stranger to office in the cloud. They’re great for personal use, you work on your documents online, you share them with collaborators and there’s no risk of you forgetting to save. Their main disadvantage is their offline support. If you don’t have internet, you will have a hard time editing docs stored in your Google Drive. Offline features are limited and the file fidelity between offline and online versions can be error-prone with Google Apps.

For business use, there is Google Apps which is an affordable plan for businesses depending on the number of users. Google Apps includes Google Calendar, Gmail for emails, Document for word processing, Presentation, Spreadsheet, forms, fusion tables etc.

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Enter Microsoft 365.

One thing you have to give to Microsoft and their Windows platform is Microsoft Office. Now with Office 365, you can have the office experience online.

There is seamless integration between offline and online content. If you are using Office 2013, and you are working on a document, it’s saved online so you’ll never lose your data even if you forget to save the document on your computer. If you don’t have internet, the documents will be synced when you get online.

Office 365 includes hosted e-mail, calendars, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, SharePoint and Lync (for Instant Messaging). For individual users, there is Office Web Apps on Skydrive, which offers free versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote for Windows Live users.

Office 365 is intended for businesses, with flexible pricing plans to choose from. So if Google Apps for business has not been working for you, you should definitely check out the free trial version of Office 365.

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2 Responses to Microsoft Office 365

  1. pitzevans says:

    i’m really in the shadows so long as technology is concerned.


    • savvykenya says:

      Perhaps I’m beginning to lose my non-tech readers, will water down my tech posts so they can be enjoyed and understood by everyone, even those with little interest in tech


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