My Samsung Galaxy S III Experience

I’ve had the Samsung Galaxy S III for a while now, perhaps over two months. It looks like a long time since the Samsung Note II has already been launched.

The first task after getting the phone was naming it: and after asking my followers on twitter an very suitable name was suggested: Eve. Why? Because she took a big bite out of Apple. Eve is white and I think she’s a beauty, no?

The Samsung Galaxy S III- white in colour. Image from

I will not give a detailed review: you can find that here or here. However, if you asked me what is the best phone to buy in Kenya right now? Definitely the Samsung S3/III. With the latest version of Android (comes with Ice Cream Sandwich but you can update to Jellybean), a whopping 4.8-inch Super AMOLED HD screen and other awesome features to make your life easier. As I said earlier, I’m not giving a review, but rather my experience.

Sports Experience

If you are a lover of (spectating) sports like me, you’ll love the camera. With 8MP and a big screen to match, taking pictures is without strain. Eve has 16GB of internal memory so I never have to worry about running out of memory when storing the numerous photos I take.

Kasarani Stadium before the match pitting giants of football in Kenya AFC Leopards v Gor Mahia. I have had to compress the pictures before uploading hence the decline in quality.

This particular match did not end well for us AFC Leopards fans, but we acknowledged the Gor Mahia win as they ran into the field to celebrate.

The rowdy fans in the field celebrating their win. AFC fans in the stands offering a sad acknowledgement.

I was at this year’s Concours d’Elegance held at the Ngong Racecourse and I loved the motorbikes on display. Check out one below:

A BMW motorbike on display at Concours d’Elegance

Updating Scores during games and catching up with comments and discussions about live games is seamless, only limited by the speed of the network you are using. Safaricom does have the widest 3G coverage so wherever you are watching your game from you should be able to update real time.

The phone has 4-processors-in-one, so if you are transitioning between the camera, uploading pictures, checking out facebook and twitter updates, there is no hanging. Multi-tasking on a mobile device has never been more elegant.

Other Features I love

The Flipboard App is one of my favorites. It features news and stories from whichever newspapers you choose to subscribe to, and whatever category of news e.g. sports, technology, travel. With the phone’s large, brilliant display you’ll enjoy reading anything on it.

A screenshot of the Flipboard app


This enables you to share files such as videos, pictures and songs just by touching another device with S-Boom on it. It’s an alternative to using Bluetooth or emails or other methods of sharing information.

The Design

While some people don’t like the rounded edges of the phone, I like that design plus the fact that it is quite slim makes it an easy fit into any of my pockets.

The Display

It’s much more pleasant to read my emails on the phone rather than on my laptop, because the display is just beautiful and smoother.

And many other features and apps. This phone is designed see, listen, respond, and enable you to share the greatest moments. You can find it at Safaricom Shops, Nakumatt and Tuskys, Samsung brand shops, or even online at, and other reliable dealers for Kshs 55,000-60,000.

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1 Response to My Samsung Galaxy S III Experience

  1. OtienoHongo says:

    I have this phone as well and pretty much agree with your observations – though when I reminded the shopkeeper that I was told it would come with an ice-cream and I needed to feast on the ice cream as it was a rather warm day, all she gave me were blank stares! I took some videos on the mentioned match day as we celebrated the win over Ingwe and was amazed at the quality when I transfered the videos to my laptop!


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