What Does the IBM Administrator Certification Title Mean?

When an IBM certified technician tells someone what their certification is, their title can reveal a lot about their responsibilities. This is especially true of the certification titles that include administrator as part of their title.

Those certified individuals who have administrator as part of their certification title use IBM products for a variety of purposes. This can include accessing data, managing systems, distributing software, and responding to security alerts. Typically, administrators are also responsible for maintaining and configuring IBM products, and they must be able to have the flexibility to change these products when the conditions, environments, or requirements demand a change. It is also common for a certified administrator to match the capabilities of a database with the business requirements to provide better data access and integration.

Examples of the types of certifications that administrators have include, but are not limited to the following: IBM Certified Associate BPM Administrator, IBM Certified Associate System Administrator, IBM Certified Administrator for SOA Solutions, IBM Certified Advanced Database Administrator, and IBM Certified Advanced System Administrator.

Since the job requirements are so varied and demand a significant level of expertise, the certification exams can be challenging. Many potential administrators turn to exam preparation, such as that offered by TestsLive.com, in order to increase their chances of passing their exams.

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